Do Braces Hurt & How Long Do They Hurt

Braces is an orthodontic treatment for a misaligned denture. In the procedure, a structure called braces made of metal wire and brackets of the same or ceramic is used to correct the misaligned tooth structure. This device gradually presses the teeth to make them aligned. Is this entire process of braces installment painful? If yes then how long this pain will go needs to be known to everyone.


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Pain Associated with Braces


The installation of braces hurts especially when the person is the first time wearer. Swollenness and discomfort around dentures are commonly associated with the braces. However, the reason for pain grounded to braces is the pressure required for the teeth alignment. This pain is mild, bearable, and adjustable according to the intensity the candidate can tolerate. This pain associated with braces lasts for fewer days and after a certain period of time, orthodontists adjust it again according to the new shape of the denture. 


Methods for Alleviating Brace Pain at Home

If braces are the cause of your discomfort, there are several techniques you can attempt to alleviate the discomfort. These are as follows:


  • Consume Soft Foods

Soup, mashed potatoes, and soft foods such as noodles and mashed potatoes provide the necessary nutrients without placing additional strain on the dentition. Even more so, indulge in a bowl of ice cream for yourself! In individuals who do not exhibit sensitivity to temperature, cold therapy may be beneficial in mitigating inflammation.


  • Apply Ice to Gums

Similar advantages can be derived from ice packs and cold edibles. Apply a towel-lined ice compress to the outer aspect of your mouth for a duration of twenty minutes. Pain should be alleviated and inflammation reduced by the cool.


  • Pain Relieving Medication

Advil and other over-the-counter pain relievers are effective in providing long-lasting alleviation for pain associated with braces. Alternatively, oral anaesthetics such as Orajel are highly regarded. Apply the substance using a cotton swab or your finger to the teeth and gums.


  • Use Wax

If your cheekbones become irritated by your brackets and wires, orthodontic wax may be the answer. Having a soft barrier between your braces and the remainder of your mouth is an excellent method to avoid irritation and cuts. Simply ensure that the wax is removed prior to eating or brushing your teeth, and reapplied afterward. Additionally, although it is not ingestible, the wax is non-toxic.



Braces can be an inconvenience on both a literal and figurative level. Thankfully, the majority of individuals experience only minimal discomfort for a few days following the tightening of their braces. By consuming soft foods, such as pureed potatoes and ice cream, you can significantly alleviate the discomfort caused by dental caries. Medications such as Advil and Orajel are also accessible should the need arise.


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