Walkthrough to Use the QuickBooks Condense Data Tool

Walkthrough to Use the QuickBooks Condense Data Tool

The Condense Data feature is a recent addition to QuickBooks Desktop. This tool helps in the reduction of the file size. Notably, helps preserve transactions and the company file data remains unaltered. The current discussion shall explain all about the QuickBooks condense data tool and the different including its advantages and the process to use it. So, keep reading.


Advantages of QuickBooks Condense Data Utility

The major advantages of this tool are:

  • The audit trails can be deleted easily using this tool.
  • The Company files can be retrieved pretty easily.
  • Removes redundant transactions while preserving essential ones.
  • Provides a detailed summary of complex transactions.

Procedure for using the QuickBooks Condense Repair Tool

This tool can be used by the performing the following steps:

Step 1: Identify Non-Condensable Transactions

Step 2: Condense QB File to Run the Report

Step 3: Prepare the Company File

Step 4: Track the Comparison Report

Step 5: Condensing procedure for the Company File



Winding up!

This article subsumes all the information related to QuickBooks Condense data tool and the process to use it. If you find any technical issue while performing the steps discussed in this blog, then feel free to call us at the helpline 1-800-7614-1787.