Me Before You is a romantic drama film which was directed by Thea Sharrock in her directorial debut, and is adapted from a 2012 novel of the same name by the author Jojo Moyes. This film stars actors and actresses like Sam Cladin, Janec Mc Teer, Elimia Clarke, Brendan Coyle and Charles Dance. This film on release received mixed reviews from the audience and grossed almost $208 Million worldwide. And if you are someone who has seen the movie ‘Me Before You’, then you must probably know that the ending of this movie got people on both sides arguing over whether it has a satisfying ending or not. But either way, the film overall is a great production, especially with San Clafin and Elilia Clarke taking the lead roles in it. This movie came out in the year 2016 in theatres in some of the major countries. Since then, it has been streaming on a few platforms as well, but recently there has been changes. So where exactly can a person watch this film or do me before you streaming in 2023?. Well, we have provided below complete details on the same.


As you scroll down, you will find out complete details about Me Before You film, such as which are the right platforms to watch it, what does the whole movie offer to the audience and much more about it. So just keep reading below to check out all the info.


Where exactly is the movie- me before you streaming?


As this production or movie is no longer available on the platforms where it initially came or streamed and where it already comes with your chosen subscription plan, like it used to be present on HBO Max and Netflix, so those who still want to watch this movie, they need to do it by renting or buying this production now. And so the best options to do that are as follows-


  1. Apple TV- buy for $14.99 or rent for $3.99
  2. Youtube- buy for $14.99 or rent for $3.99
  3. Amazon Prime Video- buy for $9.99 or rent for $1.99


What does me before you streaming offers to the audience ie. Its Storyline?


Me Before You Film is an adaptation of the very famous Author Jojo Moyes novel of the same name. The movie takes us into a quaint town in the English Countryside where Clarke or Louise ‘Lou’ Clark lives. She has no clear direction in her life, and is a creative and quirky 26 year old girl who goes from one job to another, in order to help her tight-knit family survive and make ends meet. Her cheery and normal outlook is always put to the best, however, whenever she faces new challenges in her life and career. Taking up a job at some local castle, she becomes the companion and caregiver to Will Tyarnor (Clafin), who is a young and wealthy banker who became wheelchair bound in an accident 2 years back. And whose whole world just drastically and dramatically changes in the blink of an eye. He is no longer the adventurous soul that he used to be, and the now cynical Will has it all, but has given up on life. And this is until Lou decides to show him that there is still so much left and that life is worth living for. Both embark together on a series of adventures and fun, and both Will and Lou get more than they ever asked for, and find their hearts and lives changing in ways that neither of them could have ever imagined. 


Production details of Me Before You Film


As you read above where you can do the me before you streaming and what is its storyline, here are the details of its production, including development, filming and costume. So check out-


1.Development of Me Before You- In 2014 on 2 April, Thea Sharrock announced that this film would be directed by her. Before casting Emiilia Clarke just knew that she would be auditioning for this role as she mentioned, ‘This is a kind of an interesting concoction which I had not read before’. Then on 2 September 2014, Sam Clarfin and Emilia Clark were finally casted in the film. On 24 March 2015, Stephen Peacock joined the cast, and then Matthew Lewis, Samantha Spiro, Ben Llyod-Hughes, Brenden Coyle and Vanessa Kirby joined the cast the very next day. 


As the filming of the movie ended, Sam Clafins got this thought and mentioned that, ‘This was one of the most physically challenging roles that I have ever done in my career’.


2.It’s filming- The principal photography of this movie started on 29 April 2015 and finished on 26 June 2015. This movie was shot at various locations like UK, including Pembroke Castle in Pembroke, England (the home of traynor’s within the walls of castle), Wales (the estate of tryanor’s), Harrow, London (home of Lou’s family), England (wedding scenes from the film), Spain, Madrid, some stands in from Mauritius, Surrey and more. 


3.Costumes- Jill Taylor, the very famous designer of costumes, thought that Lou in film would have more of a quirky style wardrobe and those leprechaun shoes, after which they had to find some quirky shoes. And by accident, they were in a shop where they found the amazing shoes by Irregular choice, and they just thought that- ‘Oh my god, that’s what Lou will wear’. And so it suddenly became the basis for Lou’s shoe’s wardrobe. And the clothing style of Will’s character was based on his life before the accident, where he wore those luxurious suits.


4.Release- It was announced in July 2014 that this film would be releasing in theatres on 21 August 2015. But then in May 2015, it was declared that the film will be released on 3 June 2016. 


And thus, all these are the details of Me Before You Film Production, its storyline and the platforms for best me before you streaming experience.