Is Invisalign Over Braces A Wise Choice?

Is Invisalign Over Braces A Wise Choice?

Braces made of metal brackets and wire are the tooth aligners. It puts pressure on the misaligned or overcrowded teeth and makes them aligned. But as they are visible and can lead to embarrassment that’s why many people do not want to consider them. And many want to choose Invisalign. But is it possible? Will it work? Are the some questions that individuals wonder? To answer these questions this post is being created.

To learn about the possibility of replacing braces with Invisalign, insights have been collected from various dental experts. One such facility is AK Global Dent, a leading dental care clinic renowned for the best orthodontist doctor in Gurgaon. Based on that useful information this blog is going to share a guide on the benefits of considering Invisalign over traditional teeth aligners.

An Overview of Invisalign

Invisalign also known as clear aligners are an orthodontic device specially designed for misaligned teeth. These devices made of plastic or ceramic are transparent in colour.

Key Benefits of Considering Invisalign over Braces

  • Wearable Easier
    Removable clear aligners are more comfortable than braces. Old metal brackets cut lips and cheeks. Some wounds are hard to heal. Easily removable aligners fit your teeth. High-quality resin smooths the ends, preventing oral injuries from sharp metal.

Invisible aligners repair teeth better. Aligners are worn during therapy. These will gradually straighten your teeth in all directions. Professionals timed these exercises for comfort.

  • Simplify Tooth Brushing
    Clear aligners make teeth cleaning easier than braces. You will get clean, healthy teeth following treatment. Traditional braces are hard to clean because food and grime are deep inside. Gum disease and cavities can result from poor cleaning.

  • Address Dental Issues

Clear aligners fix overbite and underbite. Mis-biting causes gum diseases and irregular tooth loss. Bad bites can cause jaw pain, speech impairments, and eating issues. Bite correction decreases cavities, gum disease, and tooth loss.

  • Avoid Other Dental Issues

Other tooth troubles can be avoided using invisible aligners. Untreated gum disease can ruin teeth. Bad teeth and biting can cause sleep apnea. To prevent dental troubles, straighten your teeth with a portable aligner that lets you clean them.

  • Easy Scanning

Traditional braces require a dental exam. For X-rays, photographs, and scans, the dentist puts plastic bits in your mouth to separate your cheeks. Metal braces and wires are attached using these plastic parts. Long-term use can hurt cheeks and feel intrusive.

With modern technology, Invisalign doesn’t hurt teeth. 3D scanning lets dentists scan teeth without X-rays, moulds, or other cutting methods. These scans of 3D data help professionals make custom braces.

  • Fewer Dentist Visits

Doctor visits will be shorter and less uncomfortable with invisible aligners. You have to return to the dentist between four and six weeks for follow-ups, but change aligners every two weeks.

  • Eat And Drink Freely

Invisalign allows eating and drinking. Sticky, firm, crunchy, or bite-sized foods may shatter metal clamps or wires. Apples, gum, toffee, popcorn, ice, corn on the cob and nuts are not advised they can be sticky. However, people can enjoy whatever they want as aligners can be removed to have food.

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