Living & Learning: Unravelling Student Accommodation Seattle

Living & Learning: Unravelling Student Accommodation Seattle

Known as one of the top-notch cities across the United States, Seattle is one of the best seaport cities surrounded by water, mountains as well as different evergreen forests. Situated on the West Coast and also known as the seat of King Country, Washington as well as Seattle and more than 7,50,000 people it is known for its amazing natural scenery, thriving arts as well as cultural scene. This amazing city is known for being rich in culture. the lifestyle is easy-going and it can bring endless opportunities for the students. the students don’t miss great sightseeing areas such as piers and the waterfront. This beautiful city is known for being eclectic. It bursts with amazing spirit and offers the students a wide range of prospects. 

Different kinds of student accommodation in Seattle 

The students can look for a plethora of student housing Seattle which is based on their preferences as well as budget. You can go for the on-campus student housing if you are looking for one to stay on campus every day. Here you will also get the university dorms as well as common spaces to stay in. But in case privacy is your concern, you can find some of the best off-campus student accommodation which is perfect. Here you can get a wide range of options such as studio rooms, ensuite rooms and so on. If you find these heavy on the packet, then you can go for a shared room. Moreover, do not deny the fact that these off-campus accommodations will come with some amazing amenities such as a swimming pool, gym, games room, and also rooftop terraces. 

Some of the best student accommodations in Seattle are mentioned below: 

The Standard at Seattle: This amazing student accommodation Seattle is located on the 12th Ave in Seattle. This holds a great position in the lively neighborhood where there are different amenities. it is fully equipped and thoughtfully designed which makes it the right place for all the student tenants. You can have everything you require of fast Wi-Fi connectivity as well as cable TV. In addition to it, you can also find some best amenities such as a pool, sauna as well and fitness center.

Nora Seattle: Another amazing property for the students to reside in is the Nora Apartments SeattleOwing to the super-friendly culture as well as campus life along with an amazing range of different activities. Everyone offers the students a wealth of opportunities to learn. The very renowned University of Washington is located within walking distance of the student accommodation. 

Nolan Seattle: Brooklyn Avenue is known for being a peaceful street and here you can find this beautiful accommodation. Nolan Apartments Seattle is also conveniently situated at a distance of around 0.4 miles from the University of Washington which has gained benefits for the students living across the nearby student housing. This accommodation helps the students to reach classes on time. this will further help them to maintain a proper as well as organized schedule. 

Cost of living in Seattle 

The cost of living in Seattle can depend on different factors like the type of student rooms Seattle, the location of the housing, and much more. For instance, a student can spend a lot less money if they are cooking at home when compared to eating out every day and the same goes with transportation. If a student gets a bike or uses public transportation which can be really cheaper hails a taxi always. This average cost of living for all the students in Seattle can range between $2027 to $ 2534 every month. below, you can find an estimation of the costs you can incur while living in Seattle. 

  1. Food: $300 to $500 per month
  2. Transportation: $60 to $100 per month
  3. Phone plan: $40 to $70 per month
  4. Recreation: $50 to $200 per month
  5. Entertainment: $60 per month
  6. Clothes: $121 per month
  7. Utility: $228 per month

Student life in Seattle