How to Resolve QuickBooks Error 6131?

QuickBooks Error 6131 is mostly linked to the company files issues. The main cause of this error is damaged company file or ND and TLG file related issues. There can also be a possibility that QuickBooks was not installed properly or the accounting program wasn’t being accessed with admin privileges. Read this full blog to get attuned to the common causes and troubleshooting fixes for QuickBooks error 6131.


Main causes leading to QuickBooks Error 6131

This company file error can be caused due to:

  • Damage in the .ND and.TLG files.
  • The previous instance of QuickBooks was not installed correctly on the system.
  • Not running QuickBooks with the administrator privileges.
  • The company file is being moved from its original folder.
  • The company file name contains unwanted blank spaces and(or) characters.

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