Crownline’s USB-Powered Pressure Washer: The Future of Cleaning in the UAE

Crownline’s USB-Powered Pressure Washer: The Future of Cleaning in the UAE

Outdoor cleaning often poses significant challenges, but the right tools can greatly simplify the task. Crownline leads the innovation in cleaning technology by offering an advanced USB-powered pressure washer in the UAE. This appliance is ideal for outdoor cleaning where there are no conventional power sources. It boasts a powerful, built-in battery that heats water to 45 degrees Celsius and includes a 6-meter hose with adjustable pressure settings, making it versatile for cleaning various surfaces.

The advantages of using a pressure washer

Pressure washers are essential for efficiently removing stubborn grime, mould, mud, and other persistent dirt from various surfaces, including roads, buildings, and farm equipment. These washers vary in terms of their sizes and features to meet different cleaning requirements. For household cleaning, the top choice in the UAE is a USB-powered model like the Crownline Cordless Pressure Washer (CPW 264).

Benefits of cordless pressure washers

The Crownline CPW 264 Portable Pressure Washer is a cordless USB-powered model that enables thorough outdoor cleaning. Here are its key features:

  • High, consistent pressure – The pressure washer’s gun connects to a pump that delivers between 200 to 290 psi (14 to 20 bar), tackling the toughest dirt on sidings, vehicles, landscaping equipment, marine vessels, patio furniture, and decks.
  • Versatility and adjustability – This cordless washer from Crownline offers adaptability with its universal 5-meter PVC suction hose, adjustable spray nozzle, and extension rod. These features let users source water from various locations, providing optimal stream intensity and a flow rate of at least 0.9 gallons per minute (3.5 litres per minute) for efficient pressure washing or gardening.
  • Powerful performance – The CPW 264 stands out as the best pressure washer in the UAE due to its reliable 2500 mAh 18.5 V lithium battery. This battery powers a 130 W motor, allowing up to 30 minutes of cleaning per charge. It recharges in 3.5 to 4 hours using an AC 100 – 240 V, 50-60 Hz charger. Additionally, the washer includes a flashlight for enhanced visibility in low-light conditions, powered by three AAA alkaline batteries (not included).

Discover the future of cleaning today.

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