Bridgestone Tyres Explained: Are they good ?

Bridgestone Tyres Explained: Are they good ?

Buying cars is the easiest process to perform but taking care of the tyres is the most difficult. As tyres are the essential component which supports the vehicle to start and stop. Therefore it is important to choose the right brand for your vehicle. One of the prominent brands in the market is the Bridgestone Tyres which extensively caters to superior quality performance which makes them durable and reliable with their advanced technology to their consumers. This brand has different categories of tyres for different vehicles which include earth-movers, motorcycles, cars and buses. These tyres are relatively affordable for their consumer. Over the years their high level performance has helped the brand to build recognition in the market. The Bridgestone tyres are prominent in the industry for advantageous features which makes it an ideal option to purchase.

Designing Features of Bridgestone Tyres-

Some of the different features in designing which make the Bridgestone Tyres Leicester different depending on the road condition. One of the design features is an Asymmetrical tread pattern are those design which helps in improving the stability and the speed when the tyres get hard. Whereas, the variable rib profile enhances the friction. The 3D sipes are typically designed for low rolling resistance and handle the braking performance.

Then, the most important design is the hybrid tyre crown that is made with a combination of rubber and polyester which in return helps the vehicle to control the stability at higher speed. The use of a unique compound formula design caters to higher stability and provides superior performance even in wet and dry road conditions.  The high-grip shoulder blocks as the name says are designed for excellent grip, especially at the corners of the tyres. Whereas, the high-angle lug grooves are those tyre design that is embedded in the tyre which helps to scatter the excess water and reduces the risk of hydroplaning. Lastly, the active insert design functions to improve the diagonal harshness which as a result provides better handling for a better driving experience.

Recommended Bridgestone Tyres-

Some popular Bridgestone tyres have different categories depending based on their features and the purpose of the vehicle. The first category is the Summer tyres that are specifically designed for dry and wet road conditions when the temperature is above 7 degrees. The Turanza 6 model is known as the luxurious tyre which performs relatively well in wet and dry road conditions with higher mileage. Turanza T005 Bridgestone tyre models are most likely to increase performance on wet roads. Turanza EL42 ensures comfort for the SUV and 4×4 tyres. The Turanza ER30 ensures control on the wet road and saves the consumption of fuel. Turanza ER300 model caters to fuel consumption to the consumers along with no internal noise caused while driving. Turanza ER300I is a model, especially for BMW which provides a stability in connection with performance and satisfaction. Turanza ER300 II is designed for BMW to ensure control over wet roads. Whereas, Turanza ER300A Bridgestone tyre is one such category that maintains the balance in BMW vehicles.

Turanza ER33 is a model of Bridgestone specifically for the touring tyres that are generally known for their luxurious. Turanza ER42 model specifically for the BMW 7 series delivers high-rated comfort touring tyres. Ecopia EP150 generally provides high performance while concerning the environment. Whereas, the Ecopia EP500 model consists of ologic technology which increases the rolling resistance. Last, summer Bridgestone tyres is the general use B250 is a model that ensures stability, smoothness and a good range of mileage.

-All weather tyres are those tyres that don’t perform specifically in one weather. Bridgestone Tyres have two popular all-weather tyres which includes Weather Control A005 EVO ensuring better grip performance even on snow road condition. The other is Weather Control A005 which provides an increased mileage level.

-Performance Bridgestone tyres have some most recommended models which are as follows. Potenza Sport is a superior performance tyre. Whereas, Potenza Race are a model specifically for racing which provides quality performance on the track. The Potenza S001 is a summer tyre that protects the tyres from overheating. Lastly, Potenza S007 is a performance Bridgestone tyre that caters to responsive performance throughout the ride.

– The all terrain are the tyre category which provides excellent performance in all road condition. This brand consists of some all-terrain tyre categories including Dueler A/T002 is focused on providing high mileage performance and control on the road. Whereas, Dueler AT 001 are designed for SUV/ 4×4 to deliver safety and comfort to the drivers. Apart from this, Dueler HP Sport is especially for the SUV and 4×4 tyres to give a silent and comforting driving experience. The Dueler H/T 684 II are made especially for SUV tyres. Dueler H/T 687 is known as the luxurious Tyres Leicester model for the SUV tyre. Lastly, Dueler H/T 689 are most likely to be focused on summer 4×4/ SUV tyres which deliver comfort and excellent grip throughout the ride.

In conclusion, Bridgestone Tyres is one of the top brands in the market that caters for durability, reliability and safety in different categories and sizes of Bridgestone Tyres.