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In addition to offering excellent customer service and a great overall experience, Southwest Airlines is a well-known and beloved airline that has earned its place in the hearts of many travellers. Southwest Airlines’ Name Change Policy sets it apart from competitors, as it allows passengers to change their tickets at any time for a nominal charge. In this blog post, we will discuss the details of Southwest Airlines’ name change policy and how it can benefit travellers. Additionally, we will provide you with helpful tips for processing your name change request.

Southwest Name Change Policy – what is it?

Travelers must know the airline’s policy so they can complete the name change process quickly. Additionally, the airline’s policy is straightforward, making things easy for everyone.

Here is information about Southwest’s policy regarding changing the name on a ticket.

  • In order to change your reservation’s full name, you must cancel your existing reservation and then create a new one.
  • Southwest tickets can be reprinted for future trips, but it’s important to remember Southwest’s policy on name changes.
  • Southwest Airlines allows passengers to alter their last name by up to three letters.
  • In addition, the name on a ticket cannot be changed unless the legal name has changed as a result of marriage or divorce. Make sure this is documented.
  • Contact Southwest customer service if your first, middle, and last names are spelled incorrectly

Southwest allows name changes?

Is your boarding pass containing a typo or some other dreaded spelling mistake after you booked? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

  • Southwest Airlines tickets are non-transferable, so the ownership of your flight ticket cannot be transferred.
  • In addition to correcting typos or spelling errors, passengers cannot change their full names.
  • Southwest allows you to change your last name if you are married or divorced.
  • Only four characters can be corrected in your name.

Southwest Airlines Name Change Guidelines: What are they?

Trying to Change Or Correct The Name On Your Southwest ticket? Let us guide you through the essential terms and conditions associated with the process. Learn these guidelines in advance to avoid any last-minute surprises.

  • Legal circumstances, such as marriage or divorce, allow Southwest Airlines Name Changes.
  • The traveller can only change a few characters in the name.
  • A government-issued identification card must have the same name as the customer.
  • To change your name, you must submit the appropriate legal documents.
  • Ticket holders cannot add another person’s name to a Southwest ticket.
  • If the required documents are submitted, the air carrier will allow name changes after marriage.

Name correction policy at Southwest Airlines:

Most people do not know how Southwest Airlines handles name changes after a confirmed reservation, so they need to read below to get the complete information about changing names after a confirmed reservation. 

  • Southwest airlines offer’s passengers the ability to change their reservations if they book a flight through their official website.
  • Passengers can only change their last name. They cannot change their entire name. 
  • It is only possible to change three or four letters of the passenger’s last name. 
  • If you marry after reserving the ticket, you may change the name, but you must show your marriage certificate. 
  • For name changes, the passenger must show the official documents.
  • To change the name on a Southwest ticket booked through an official representative, the traveller must contact the representative. 
  • Southwest Airlines does not allow passengers to change their names seven days before boarding.

Southwest Flight Legal Name Change

A passenger cannot change their full name on Southwest Airlines or be transferred to another person’s name. According to Southwest’s policy, changing legal standing can only be done after a divorce or marriage. It is also possible to change one’s legal name after submitting the court-verified legal documents.

Southwest Airlines allows passengers to change or alter their last name in such cases only. The passenger must, however, make the official change of the information in the case of a divorce, as well as obtain a court order. Passengers can finally change their names by using the above methods via customer service or the website.

Spelling Errors: Contact Southwest Airlines’ customer service or visit their website for information on correcting spelling errors in passengers’ names.

Transferring Tickets: Tickets cannot be transferred to another person. The person named on the reservation must travel.

Marriage or Legal Name Change: Please contact Southwest Airlines customer service if you have legally changed your name (e.g., due to marriage or a court order). Be prepared to document the name change.

Same-Day Name Corrections: If there is a minor misspelling or discrepancy between the reservation name and the passenger’s ID, Southwest Airlines may allow same-day name corrections at the airport.

Early arrival: Arrive at the airport well in advance of your flight if you need to correct your name same-day.

Documentation: You should always have your booking confirmation, government-issued photo ID, and any relevant legal documentation handy (e.g., marriage certificate or court order for name change) when making any changes to your reservation.

Contact Customer Service: If you need assistance with name corrections or issues, contact Southwest Airlines’ customer service. If your situation requires specific information, they can provide it.

Southwest Airlines has specific policies regarding name changes, and these usually apply to addressing minor errors or accommodating legal name changes. Southwest Airlines offers personalised assistance if you have questions or concerns regarding a name change.

 Consider these points before requesting a Southwest Airlines name correction – 

Prior To Issuing The Ticket

  • According to Southwest Airlines policy, the first and middle names can be corrected up to a total of 4 characters. This does not mean the first and last names can each be corrected up to 4 characters.
  • A name change policy of Southwest Airlines allows for the correction of space between the first, middle, and last name as well as the title.
  • Name changes, date of birth changes, gender changes, or adding an infant to an account would not be covered under name change policy and would be considered regular reissue requests. 
  • In addition to the 4 characters, you can request name corrections at our Southwest Airlines reservation line.
  • Southwest can support all changes in names after marriage with a valid legal document.

When The Ticket Is Issued

Southwest Airlines’ name change policy restricts the transfer of tickets and the changing of names except in the case of deeds such as divorces or marriages.  

It is only possible for Southwest Airlines to change a ticket name under legal purview by calling Southwest Airlines. Rapid Rewards account numbers and photocopies of legal documents, as well as any other information requested that reflects the new legal name, would be required of passengers.

What is the process for changing a name on a Southwest Airlines ticket?

If you would like to request a Southwest Airlines name change online or by phone, follow these steps: 

Online name changes for Southwest

Here are the steps to change the name on your Southwest ticket – 

  • Visit southwest.com, then click ‘Manage Booking’.
  • During the booking process, enter the six-digit reference number along with the last name of the passenger, and then click the ‘Retrieve booking’ button.
  • To request a name correction, click on the ‘Change name’ button on the next page.
  • All Anytime and Business Select fares allow name changes. 
  • If a first, middle, or last name is entered, up to four characters can be modified. The four characters count is the total, not the four characters for each name.
  • There will be a name change fee as well as a fare difference if there is one.
  • The passenger will receive a new confirmation once the request is completed. The passenger will then have to re-check in and select a seat. 

Changing Southwest’s name over the phone

  • We can handle all name change requests, including name corrections, by calling the customer service number.
  • Ensure that you have your six-digit booking reference on hand when speaking with the airline representatives.
  • Photocopies of legal documentation or any other information that reflects the correct name of the passenger must be submitted to the agent in order to change your name.
  • Name correction is available up to four characters on the first, middle, and last name. The count of four characters is a total, not four characters for each name.
  • The Southwest Airlines name change fee and any fare difference will be charged.
  • Passengers receive a new confirmation upon completion of the request, requiring them to repeat the check-in and seat selection process.  

The name change fee for Southwest Airlines

Depending on the situation, the name change fee varies depending on when the change is requested. The fee is waived if the name correction is requested within 24 hours. 

The fee amount will depend on when the name correction is requested and the time left for boarding. If you request the name correction after 24 hours, you may have to pay between $80-$200. 

In order to make your travel experience enjoyable, all misspelled names should be corrected. However, if you wish to change your whole name, the above-mentioned policy is of no use. In full name change contexts, you must cancel your existing ticket and rebook it in compliance with Southwest’s change reservation policy.