Why Choose Arden University In Berlin For Your Studies?

Why Choose Arden University In Berlin For Your Studies?

Germany is a popular country known for its quality education and technological advancement. Berlin, the capital city of Germany, is one of the driving forces for the economic growth of the country. It is known for not just the low living value but also the superior education that it offers the students. To be precise, Berlin is a study destination that boasts many international students for different courses. It has also been ranked as the seventh city amongst the best education that is given to students.

1. The German student visa

Arden University has no boundaries for the students irrespective of the nation but getting a student visa can often be tricky for them. Often students find the whole process to get a visa for education a bit challenging as compared to getting it in Germany. Another reason for the German student visa is access to work while studying. According to German law, international students who are on a student visa are eligible to work for complete 120 days per year or even 240 days part-time every year. Also, students who graduate from Arden in Berlin then can be eligible to apply for the 18th-month post-study residences so they can work in Germany.

2. European workforce access

Berlin is an amazing location where people look for career-boosting jobs. Since it is the capital of the country that is the world’s fourth largest economy, Berlin is a platform for many people to enjoy career success. The city itself is named after Europe’s start-up capital and has been home to some amazing international companies as well. Students often can explore the offices of Sony, Axel Springer Media, Deutsche Bahn, and Daimler to name a few.

3. The valuable experience of networking

The best part of studying in Berlin is you get the degree you get the work experience which you probably may not get at the other location. But if you are on a student visa from Germany, you can do an internship or even work part-time in the country while you finish your academics. This way you can fund yourself while studying and gain a valuable experience in networking and working in the European field.

4. Affordable living

Another compelling feature that grabs the attention of international students is the affordable living that it offers. Germany is said to be the second cheapest country in the world that offers foreign students the cheapest living platform with options for affordable renting. Studying in Germany is affordable if you plan well. This way you can have better control over your finances and enjoy time in Berlin too.

5. A cultural heritage

Berlin is known to be a cultural heritage that students across the world wish to witness at least once. You can explore cuisines, history, museums and different forms of art too. The diversified nature also makes it easy to meet new people and have a good social life.


If you want to have a great experience of studying while exploring the city then Arden University brings you the right platform to start your journey. Arden University is a well-known institution with nearly 25 years of experience in teaching. It is known for transforming students’ lives as it enhances their potential and also offers them the best education possible.