Why Air Vaccine 015+ Stands Out as the Premier Choice for Indoor Air Cleansing

Why Air Vaccine 015+ Stands Out as the Premier Choice for Indoor Air Cleansing

Contrary to common belief, indoor air quality can be significantly worse than outdoor air. The Environmental Protection Agency has found that indoor air pollutants are often 2 to 5 times higher than outdoor levels—sometimes even 100 times higher. This alarming data highlights the crucial need for effective indoor air purification solutions.

What makes indoor air unhealthy?

The air inside our homes and offices can be contaminated by various sources. Building materials like paint and carpets can release harmful substances into the air. Household appliances that burn fuel, such as stoves and heaters, emit pollutants. Excessive indoor moisture can lead to mold and encourage the growth of dust mites and other harmful organisms. Additionally, outdoor pollutants and allergens can infiltrate our indoor spaces, contributing to poor air quality.

Poor indoor air quality can lead to serious health issues, including infections, lung cancer, and chronic lung diseases like asthma. Those with pre-existing lung conditions are particularly vulnerable to these indoor air pollutants.

The solution: Air Vaccine 015+

The Air Vaccine 015+ active air purifier employs OH radicals—which are among the most potent oxidants—to break down harmful substances in the air. Utilizing advanced research from the UK Ministry of Defence, the device produces up to 10 times more OH radicals than traditional air purifiers.

How does this happen? This active air purifier creates a unique cascade reaction where OH radicals are continuously regenerated after each disinfection cycle. This process not only neutralizes pollutants but also contributes to reducing Sick Building Syndrome, alleviating allergic hypersensitivity reactions, and improving overall Indoor Environmental Quality.

The reaction’s cascading effect not only increases the effectiveness of Air Vaccine 015+ but also ensures that it operates efficiently with low power consumption while effectively purifying air over an area of up to 120 square meters.

Efficacy and safety

Air Vaccine 015+ has been rigorously tested and proven to eliminate a high percentage of bacteria, viruses, and VOCs. Its low power consumption of only 2.4W makes it both energy-efficient and cost-effective, with an average monthly electricity cost of just 40 cents even when used continuously. More importantly, it is safe for humans, plants, and animals, with ozone emission levels well below the WHO environmental standard.

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