What If Formatted My Hard Drive by Mistake? Best Guide

What If Formatted My Hard Drive by Mistake? Best Guide

In our daily lives and work, hard drive formatting sometimes happens. You are planning to format the drive, but during formatting you are not selecting another drive, which results in data loss. Fortunately, most files can be recovered from a formatted drive. This article will show you how to recover data from an incorrectly formatted external hard drive.

User Query

“Hello! I accidentally formatted a Seagate external hard drive on my computer; it was a real pain and I lost all my data. Is there a way to completely restore all the data? Please help me!”

Is it Possible to Recover Data from Another Hard Drive After Formatting?

Formatting a disk does not actually delete data. All data will not be lost from the hard drive until other operations on the hard drive are completed. Therefore, you can try to recover data from an external drive after formatting.

Before you do this, you should pay attention to the following:.

  1. Do not add new files to your external hard drive, as they will take the place of the old files.
  2. Do not format your external hard drive; this process will not recover your data.
  3. Do not use the external hard drive until your data is restored.

Recommended Solution to Recover Accidentally Deleted Hard Drive Data

If you still can’t recover your lost data, it’s time to try a professional third-party data recovery tool. The tool is FreeViewer for Windows Data Recovery. This tool can recover irretrievably lost data from hard drives and external storage devices. This tool is designed with ease of use in mind, making it easy to navigate.

Additionally, the preview program allows you to preview the recovered files and folders before saving. Also worth mentioning is the file filter, which allows users to specify specific.

  1. To do this  task, first download and run the software on your computer system.
  2. After that, Connect your pen drive with your Machine
  3. Choose any Scan options, like: Scan or Formatted Scan Options
  4. Next, Preview all recovered deleted or permanently deleted data from Drive
  5. Select the Save option to restore data at any location.

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Formatted Hard Drive by Mistake Using CMD Command Prompt 

Before using the command prompt, you need to make these preparations:

  1. Connect your hard disk to your computer and make sure it is detected.
  2. Check the external hard drive letter through Computer/This PC or Disk Management.
  3. Press Start and type cmd in the search or find  box. Right-click as an administrator and select Run.
  4. Type chkdsk F: /f/r in the command prompt and press Enter to run it. Replace or change  F with the drive letter of the device where you deleted or lost files or data.
  5. Note: /r refers to the recovery attribute; it notifies the command line to fix any problems if any are found.

After this, the system will scan the external hard drive and restore the files. Then all your lost files will be found and saved on your external hard drive.

Command Line Disadvantages

Using the command line has many disadvantages, some of which are mentioned below:

  • CMD actually scans system files and disk metadata to check their integrity. If there is a problem in the historical data, it is corrected.
  • The CMD command is used to repair minor drive damage and check the health of the drive. However, it cannot prevent the recovery of formatted files from a flash drive.
  • This may be difficult for regular users. Because if users make mistakes, they lose their data forever.

Why Choose an Automated Solution Over a Manual Method?

This tool is the first choice among users due to the following features:

  • Advanced search options to filter data by keywords or date
  • It is suitable for recovering all file formats from formatted flash drives.
  • Recovering formatted data from flash drives of the world’s leading brands.
  • The tool has a free demo version for testing.
  • A similar competition for damaged and irretrievably deleted flash drive files.
  • No data is lost when working with the program.
  • Supports flash drives in FAT, exFAT and NTFS formats.


We have looked at several simple methods to recover data lost after unwanted formatting. If none of these recommended solutions succeed in recovering data, users are strongly advised not to make any further attempts on the damaged drive or partition, as this may result in permanent data loss.

Therefore, it is recommended to use a dedicated data recovery tool, such as the Windows Recovery Tool. We have thoroughly tested the capabilities of this tool and it has proven to be very effective in recovering lost data from hard drives and partitions.