Understanding Erection All Risk Insurance – A Comprehensive Guide



When it comes to construction projects, there are numerous risks involved. From unpredictable weather conditions to human errors, any mishap can lead to significant financial losses. To safeguard against these risks, companies like Bimakavach offer a specialized insurance policy known as Erection All Risk (EAR) insurance. In this blog post, we will delve into the details of EAR insurance and why it is crucial for construction projects.

What is Erection All Risk Insurance?

Erection All Risk insurance, offered by Bimakavach, is a comprehensive policy designed to protect construction projects from a wide range of perils. It covers the erection, installation, and testing of machinery, equipment, and structures. This type of insurance provides coverage for any damage or loss that occurs during the construction phase, including damage caused by fire, natural disasters, theft, or accidental causes.

Benefits of Erection All Risk Insurance

  1. Comprehensive Coverage: EAR insurance provides coverage for various risks, including damage due to fire, explosions, lightning, earthquakes, floods, and even theft. It ensures that any unforeseen circumstances during the erection and installation process do not result in financial loss for the project owner.
  2. Protects Against Third-Party Liability: In addition to protecting the insured party against their own losses, EAR insurance also covers any legal liability arising from property damage or bodily injury to third parties. This protects the insured from potential lawsuits and ensures that they do not bear the financial burden of legal claims.
  3. Customizable Policies: Bimakavach understands that every construction project is unique, and their EAR insurance policies can be customized to suit specific requirements. This flexibility allows project owners to tailor the coverage according to the nature and scale of their project, ensuring they are adequately protected.


Construction projects are complex and prone to various risks that can lead to substantial financial losses. Erection All Risk insurance provided by Bimakavach offers the peace of mind and financial protection necessary to mitigate these risks. With its comprehensive coverage and customizable policies, EAR insurance is an indispensable tool for any construction project. So, if you are planning a construction project, make sure to consider EAR insurance to safeguard your investment and ensure a smooth execution of your project.