Twin Block Appliance: Why It Is A Great Choice

Twin Block Appliance: Why It Is A Great Choice

Twin block appliance is being chosen by most patients from around the world as it is a great appliance that pushes the lower jaw forward and helps properly align it with the upper part of your jaw. It is known as a twin block appliance, as there are two parts: the lower part and the upper part. When you look at the twin block appliance, they may appear to be some acrylic blocks. But they can be a great solution for people facing bite issues. They are made of premium quality materials and will be a great option for the patients when you get them from a reputable orthodontic lab. Let’s find out more about it.

Suitable for children and teens

Twin block appliances are great for those who are still in the growth stage, such as children or teenagers. Their bones are not completely formed and so, the twin-block appliance can be a suitable option for them. After removing it, one may move forward to braces.

No long-term side effects

When you introduce any dental appliance to your mouth, there may be more saliva production in the beginning as your mouth may be adjusting to the new appliance. This is because the mouth may think it is some food product, but this is just a temporary issue and will go away in just a few weeks.

Super comfortable

Twin block orthodontics appliance is quite comfortable as compared to other appliances that help with overbite. There are fewer wires than other appliances and it also lets the patient eat and speak without any issues. One can wear them for the entire day. But they can even be removable. So, it depends upon the advice given by the orthodontist. It may be advised to wear it for around nine months to one year.

Simple to clean

The twin block appliance can easily be removed, and you can also keep it clean if you take care of it properly. You should remove the appliance once a day and brush it using a toothbrush. However, if the orthodontic lab has some other recommendations about the cleaning procedure, you can go for that.

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