Surprising Ways to Use Packaging Materials Beyond Shipping

Surprising Ways to Use Packaging Materials Beyond Shipping

Most of us buy the packaging supplies when we are about to relocate to a new place or if an item is to be shipped to a distant place. But, what do you do when the purpose is served? Do you just throw away the packaging materials or do you keep them for future usage? Well in both the cases you are wasting time, money and space too. The best way to use these packaging supplies is by using them for shipping your items and once when you have them, you can use them for various other purposes too. In this article we will be sharing with you various other ways in which these packaging supplies can be used beyond shipping. By the end of this article, you will have a number of creative ideas through which you can make good use of these materials for packaging.

1. Bubble Wrap Roll

Feeling low due to stress or some other issue? Try the bubble wrap roll that you received in your last parcel. These are the tiny air pockets which can help you release stress. Consider placing these rolls near your work station or at your table and burst them whenever you feel sad or low. You may not believe that these small bubbles will totally help you in releasing stress and keeping you happy.

bubble wrap roll

2. Golf Club Boxes

The golf club boxes might have definitely helped in keeping your clubs but once the task is done, you can use it for other purposes too. Try to use them as storage boxes at your home and office for organising small items which do not require much surface area to be kept. From small stationary items such as pens, markers, etc to stickers and keyrings, these boxes can be used for serving various purposes too.

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3. Newspaper Offcuts

You might be thinking what use can the newspaper offcuts serve? Well, go an ask an artist and they will tell you a number of ways in which these offcuts are used. Cut these papers into various shapes and arrange them on to a canvas, this will create a pattern of your choice. Additionally, you can also choose to colour these offcuts to bring modern art to life. Seal your newly created art with the help of an adhesive to protect it from any kind of wear and tear. This is the most sustainable and eco- friendly way in which you can showcase your creativity with zero wastage and just a little bit of effort and lots of creativity.

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4. Cardboard boxes

The cardboard materials are considered to be the king of all the packaging materials and they can be used to serve various purposes other than for shipping items. These cardboard boxes are available in various types such as single walled and double walled cardboard removal boxes. You can use these carboard boxes for planting small saplings as they are strong and durable and for a good four to five months can be used to keeping plants which do not require much water. You can also choose to paint these boxes and decorate them according to the other décors of the space where you have put this setup.  These cardboard boxes are made from recycled paper and can be used for serving various purposes such as this. To make it more secure, you can cover it a cellophane sheet and it will make it more long lasting but definitely, this will not remain as eco- friendly as it was earlier.

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5. Postage bags

The postage bags com with a lot of parcels even after they have various other kinds of packaging materials involved. You can make use of these postage bags by cutting them through the sides by measuring them and then they can be used for placing them on the shelves to save them from dust and unnecessary exposure to the light, etc. By employing this method, you can save your shelves and cabinets from unwanted scratches and damages.

Summing Up

There are a number of ways to make use of the packaging supplies that you already have. A number of people either waste it by throwing them away or alternatively, they keep them for future use. But now you have a number of interesting ideas to employ and make use of these materials.