Powertrac Tractor Price in India in 2023 – TractorGyan

Powertrac tractor price starts between Rs. 5.35 and 10.70 lakh* in India. The least expensive model, the Powertrac euro 30*, is priced between Rs. 5.35 and Rs. 5.60 lakh. The most expensive Powertrac tractor price range for the Powertrac Euro 60 next 4WD model is between Rs 10.40 Lakhs* and Rs 10.70 Lakhs*. The Powertrac tractor’s power range is 25–60 HP. There are over 20 distinct tractor models available from Powertrac Tractor.


Powertrac tractors are sold at over 650 locations in India. The Powertrac 439 Plus Powerhouse, Powertrac 445 Plus, Powertrac Euro 50 Powerhouse, Powertrac Euro 47 Powerhouse, and Powertrac 434 Plus Powerhouse are some of the most popular Powertrac tractors.