Launching Spheron GPU: Our Game-Changer in AI Infrastructure

Launching Spheron GPU: Our Game-Changer in AI Infrastructure

What’s Cooking?

Hey there! You’ve probably heard whispers about our new baby, Spheron GPU, right? It’s been a few weeks since we launched this feature, and honestly, it’s so much more than just another GPU solution. Imagine a world where GPUs from all over the planet come together, ready to power your AI containers and Jupyter notebooks to help you build better AI products. Sounds cool, right?

Why Spheron GPU? Let’s Chat!

So, We had this enlightening chat with some AI founders in San Francisco. Here’s the scoop: most AI infrastructure is chained to the big guys – AWS, GCP, and Azure. But, man, the costs! Startups are bleeding cash training models. That’s where we step in with Spheron – think of it as your AI project’s new best friend.

Our Vision – More Than Just Words

We’ve always dreamed big at Spheron. Our goal? To bundle up all this awesome infrastructure to give you something that’s not just reliable and secure, but also easy on your wallet. And guess what? We’re now diving headfirst into AI infrastructure. Why not bring together GPUs from across the globe? That’s the kind of crazy we love!

The Cool Stuff We Offer

  1. Deploy in a Snap: Forget about hiring a DevOps guru. With Spheron, you’re taking your project from zero to hero in no time. It’s all about letting AI teams focus on their cool AI stuff, not on boring deployment issues.

  2. Our GPU Marketplace Rocks: You can now grab some A100s & V100s at prices that’ll make your jaw drop. We’re bootstrapping this marketplace to give you the speed you need without emptying your pockets.

  3. One-Click Wonders: Tools galore! Jupyter Notebooks, Aimstack, Livebook – you name it. One click and bam! You’re harnessing the power of any GPU you fancy.

  4. For the Developers Out There: Our API and SDK are like an open playground. Build, experiment, and create apps that make the AI world a better place.

Let’s Talk Cost

I know, I know. You’re wondering about the costs. Well, brace yourselves! Thanks to our nifty orchestration system and partnerships with tier 4 and 5 data centers, our prices are like a breath of fresh air compared to those giants.

Let me tell you how cost-effective it is to get GPU from bare-metal providers

The price data for AWS, GCP & Azure is referenced from here

Looking Ahead

The AI world is hungry for more, and we’re here to feed it. We’re not just selling GPUs; we’re smashing barriers. We believe that every bright mind deserves access to top-notch resources, not just the big players.

Join Our Family

So, why not give Spheron GPU a whirl? Tell us what you think, what you love, what you need. Your feedback is our fuel. And hey, keep an eye out for our updates. We’ve got some exciting stuff lined up!

We’re actively bootstrapping access to a variety of GPUs, and we want to cater to your specific needs. Got a particular GPU in mind or a unique requirement?

Please fill out this form with your requirements, and our team will get back to you. Your input is vital in shaping Spheron’s future offerings!