What Factors Determine the Candidacy For Hair Transplant?

What Factors Determine the Candidacy For Hair Transplant?

Hair loss from the front and edges is common among males. It is usually caused by hormonal imbalance, heredity, and stress. However, hair loss can be reversible through hair transplant. But who is the suitable candidate for this invasive procedure requires consultation with a hair transplant surgeon.

Based on insights taken from Dr. Sumit Agrawal, a leading surgeon for the best hair transplant in Mumbai, this blog is going to detail the suitable candidate for the hair transplant.

An Overview of the Procedure of Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is an advanced cosmetic plastic surgery of a balding scalp. In this surgical procedure, strips or follicle grafts of the hairs are used to extract from the candidate’s donor area. After that, the procedure of implantation is performed. Hair transplant is beneficial to get the natural hair back and the outcome stays for a long. As a result, almost everyone seeking a permanent solution for balding scalp stops at hair transplant. However, this treatment has certain eligibility criteria.

An Ideal Candidate for Hair Transplant

  • One with Well-defined Baldness

Well-defined baldness is a term which represents the area of the scalp with loss of hair growth. It can be frontline, edges, crown or complete baldness.

  • One of Age 25 or Above

Usually, the human body gets fully developed till the age of 25. At this point, all the body changes start appearing and the body can manage the impact of any surgical procedure.

  • Realistic Expectations

The minimally invasive procedure of hair transplant addresses baldness by implanting extracted hairs from the donor area to the recipient area. The outcomes received by one depend on their hair type, severity of the condition, and many more. Thus, one should have reasonable and realistic expectations from the hair transplant. In such cases, the expectation of celebrity looks and different wavelengths is untrue.

  • Non-alcoholic and Non-smoker

Alcohol and smoking are harmful. These addictions impact the recovery phase and results after any surgical and nonsurgical procedure. So, is with hair transplant. As a result, an ideal candidate for a hair transplant is one who can stop or limit the consumption of alcohol and smoking.

  • Anyone With An Overall Good Health

Everyone experiences balding at some point in their life. Males usually experience it from the parting side and females typically face it from the front edge and middle of the hairline. This may be caused by stress, diseases or side effects of certain medications. In such circumstances, if the non-invasive hair loss treatments are ineffective then both are ideal candidates for hair transplant.

After reading the above factors, if you find yourself a suitable candidate for hair transplant then you are advised to consider a skilled and experienced hair transplant surgeon in this regard. One can consult Dr. Sumit Agarwal the best hair transplant surgeon in Mumbai. He is the founder of Harleys Hair Transplant Clinic and provides the best hair transplant with the highest success rate. He can be considered for scalp, beard, body and eyelid hair restoration through FUE, BIO-FUT, FUT, and many more methods.