The Dark Estate in IT: Hidden Challenges Impacting Employee

The Dark Estate in IT: Hidden Challenges Impacting Employee

Companies must constantly evolve to stay competitive, but with that progress comes challenges.

Hidden within complex IT systems is the “dark estate”—areas unknown or overlooked by IT teams.

Employees reportedly feel they are only performing at 60% of their productivity capacity, while 22% of employees believe the right technology and support can increase their productivity. It’s clear that these unseen IT issues not only hinder productivity but also impact the overall digital employee experience (DEX).

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All of this can directly lead to one of the most costly problems for an organization, and one close to the heart of HR professionals – employee turnover. Lakeside found that nearly 40% of employees stated considering leaving their employer because of technology issues. The great news is that this is all within the organizations control!

By improving visibility across the entire IT estate, organizations can manage costly inefficiencies, overcome poor employee experiences, and resolve tech problems.

Understanding the Dark Estate

The dark estate encompasses all areas of a complex IT environment that are invisible or not obvious to IT teams. This lack of visibility has a major impact on an organization’s profitability, productivity, and engagement, hiding issues with device, network, or application performance. When left in the shadows, organizations face costly inefficiencies, poor DEX, and unresolved problems that can lead to more significant issues.

By shining a light across the entire IT environment, organizations can uncover hidden issues and understand their root causes, implement smart fixes through AI-enabled automation and self-service, and streamline IT operations while cutting expenses.

The Challenges of Delivering a Strong DEX

The dark estate and DEX are directly related. In fact, lack of visibility in an IT estate can negatively impact the quality of employee interactions with the technology needed to perform their jobs. Individual employees experiencing the occasional glitch, latency, or connectivity issue might seem minor compared to hacks or company-wide outages, but they contribute to frustrations, increased downtime, and reduced productivity over time.

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