Navigating the Fluctuating Gelatine Market: Price Trends Unveiled

In the Asia Pacific region, gelatine prices experienced growth driven by strong demand and limited supply. Favorable market conditions, robust buyer purchasing power, and disrupted supply chains contributed to this positive momentum in the first and second quarters. In Europe, gelatine initially benefited from consistent new orders, but waned as consumer buying potential declined and end-user industries struggled. Import rates from Asia impacted the trend negatively in the second quarter, though it regained momentum in May due to lowered inventories and increased domestic orders. North America saw fluctuating sentiment as strong domestic demand led to price surges, but economic uncertainties and global inflation challenges caused a decline in gelatine prices in the second quarter.


Gelatine is a protein derived from collagen, commonly found in animal tissues. It is soluble in hot water and forms a gel-like substance when cooled, which lends it its gelling and thickening properties. Gelatine has applications in food as a gelling agent, stabilizer, and binder, and it is widely used in confectionery, desserts, and dairy products. It also finds use in pharmaceuticals for encapsulation and drug delivery, and in industries like photography, cosmetics, and manufacturing due to its adhesive and binding qualities.

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Key Details About the Gelatine Price Trends:

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Industrial Uses Impacting the Gelatine Price Trends:

Gelatine finds a wide range of industrial applications due to its unique properties. In the food industry, it serves as a gelling agent, stabilizer, and thickener in products like gummy candies, desserts, and dairy products. In pharmaceuticals, gelatine is used in capsules and as a coating for tablets to control drug release. Its adhesive qualities make it useful in bookbinding, matchstick production, and the manufacturing of sandpaper. Gelatine also plays a role in photography, where it is used in the emulsion of photographic films and papers. Additionally, it finds applications in cosmetics, medical dressings, and in the creation of 3D printing materials.

Key Players:

  • Acros Organics
  • EMCO Dyestuff Pvt Ltd
  • Pravin DyeChem Pvt Ltd

Recently, the demand for gelatine powder, particularly halal gelatine, has seen a significant rise due to diverse dietary preferences and cultural requirements. Gelatine, derived from collagen found in animal parts, is a common ingredient in various food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic products for its gelling properties.

The production of halal gelatine involves specific processes adhering to Islamic dietary laws. To meet this demand, many companies have focused on sourcing materials and employing methods compliant with halal standards, catering to consumers seeking products aligned with their religious beliefs.

Various manufacturers worldwide have embraced this trend, offering halal-certified gelatine powder derived from permissible sources, such as cattle or fish, ensuring it meets halal requirements. This expansion provides consumers with a wider array of choices, emphasizing transparency in sourcing and production methods.

This surge in the availability of halal gelatine powder reflects a growing market trend towards inclusivity and catering to diverse dietary needs and preferences.

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