Debunking Myths About Acne Scars

Debunking Myths About Acne Scars

Scars from previous breakouts can be an annoying and enduring reminder of one’s acne. Acne scarring is a prevalent cosmetic concern that affects individuals from diverse backgrounds and affects millions of people worldwide annually. A lot of information regarding acne scars is out there, some of it false and some of it true. In this extensive guide, we will address common misconceptions and disclose the truth about acne scars. 

Let us distinguish fact from myth and offer professional advice so one can understand acne scars and treat them successfully. The information gathered is based on the insights provided by renowned dermatologist Dr. Anika Goel. She is a highly skilled dermatologist with a great success rate in acne scar treatment in South Delhi. Continue reading to gain expert knowledge.


Myth 1: Scars are Exclusively Caused by Severe Acne

Fact: Regardless of how severe one’s acne is, scars from it can still form. Even infrequent or mild breakouts can leave scars.


Myth 2: Poor Hygiene is the Only Thing that Causes Acne Scars

Fact: Although good hygiene is important, a number of factors, including hormones, inflammation, and genetics, can cause acne scarring.


Myth 3: Tanning can Conceal Acne Scars

Fact: Although it may seem wise to get a tan or spend a lot of time in the sun to hide the scars, doing so can actually exacerbate them. It is not advisable to darken the skin around any existing dark scars, despite the belief that doing so will make them blend better. Long-term UV light exposure to acne scars causes the scar tissue to darken more and more, which complicates effective treatment by slowing down the healing process.


Myth 4: Scars from Acne are only Visible on the Face

Fact: Acne scarring can develop on any part of the body affected by acne, not just the face. The shoulders, back, neck, and chest are among the body parts that may sustain scarring. The face is one area of the body that is almost always visible, which increases the temptation to pick at acne, which contributes to the prevalence of acne scars on that area of the body. It is usually not advised to do this, as it could worsen scarring. Furthermore, it makes sense that we are more concerned about visible scars than hidden ones since our faces are the first thing people notice about us.


Myth 5: Acne and its Scars Can be Eliminated with Toothpaste

Fact: Although toothpaste contains ingredients that help dry out pimples, it should not be used on the face because it irritates the skin and makes the condition worse.



It is essential to have the right knowledge to treat any skin issue. False information can lead one to use the wrong remedies, which worsens the condition. Therefore, it is always advisable to consult with a dermatologist before trying any treatment for acne scars.

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