Beginner’s Guide to Booking Bus Tickets on Abhibus

Beginner’s Guide to Booking Bus Tickets on Abhibus

Abhibus is a platform that allows travellers to book tickets online for buses, making it convenient for customers. No more waiting for your turn to buy tickets in hot summers or a chilled breeze. You can now easily book your tickets from wherever you are with your mobile app. Book your next trip ticket with Abhibus coupon codes through Cashaly.

Make your bus travel comfortable by booking your tickets online for a hassle-free experience. Abhibus, with its online ticket booking system, also provides great offers for you to make every trip cheaper and more affordable. With Abhibus’ reasonable price, you can easily book your tickets.

Online bus ticket booking systems come with many benefits, and one of those is getting a seat of your choice. With this seamless experience of booking bus tickets online, you need not worry about which seat will be left for you. Choose seats as per your requirements, and enjoy your journey.

This was just a glimpse of the Abhibus bus booking system, as we will be discussing everything you need to know. This guide is for beginners to help them understand everything they need to know to easily book their tickets and board their bus on time.

Keep reading the blog to understand the process of booking bus tickets on Abhibus.


How to Book Bus Tickets Online Through AbhiBus?

Here is the best bus ticket booking app and website: Abhibus makes every transaction and trip easy and simple. Follow the below steps to book bus tickets online through Abhibus.

  1. Open the Abhibus app or website and fill out the “Leaving From”, “Going To”, and “Date of Journey” tabs according to your requirements.
  2. After hitting the Search button, select the bus from the given list on the screen.
  3. Select a seat or number of seats with boarding and dropping-off points.
  4. Now continue with the payment with the mode of payment you are comfortable with, filling out all the required details.
  5. Once done, you will receive an M-ticket on your mobile via SMS, a WhatsApp message, and an e-ticket on your email ID.


Types Of Buses Provided By Abhibus

Abhibus has made daily travel with its online booking service much easier. People can take advantage of this service and not be stressed about boarding their buses. With Abhibus features, it becomes convenient for people to travel comfortably in the type of buses they want to.

Now no more hassle of waiting for the bus and forcefully seating on seats you never like to. You can enjoy the seat that you always wanted and waited for. Here is the list of buses provided by Abhibus for you to select the best-suited bus:


  1. AC Buses
  2. Non AC Buses
  3. Ordinary Buses
  4. Mini Buses
  5. Super Luxury (Non-AC Seater)
  6. Volvo AC Buses
  7. Sleeper AC Buses
  8. Sleeper Buses
  9. Deluxe Buses
  10. Sleeper Cum Seater AC
  11. Double Decker Buses
  12. Mercedes buses
  13. Non-Mercedes buses
  14. Electric Buses
  15. Express Buses


Benefits Offered By Abhibus

With the expansion of technology, offline booking of bus tickets is out of the question for many travellers. People look up to technology for their daily needs, and Abhibus has solved their daily travel problem through an online ticket booking platform.

Abhibus not only provides the system to book tickets online, but you can also enjoy many other benefits on their website and app. It is fast, easy, and user-friendly, making your everyday bus travel simpler and more enjoyable.

Let us now reveal the benefits of the online ticket booking system at Abhibus.

Safe Payments

Technology is taking over the game, making everyone’s life easier, for example, with cashless payments. With online payment options, it becomes easy for people to pay without searching for change. Hence, Abhibus also provides easy and secure online payment options to book your bus seat hassle-free. Abhibus has payment options that people use in their daily lives to make the process seamless.

Customer Support

Abhibus provides 24/7 customer support to make sure no passenger faces problems while travelling. And their issues are resolved promptly by keeping up with terms and policies. They make sure to resolve everything as soon as possible to make your journey hassle-free. Visit their Contact page for any help you need while, before, or after travelling.

Free Cancellation

So you changed your plan for travelling and need to cancel your ticket? Well, Abhibus takes care of this with their free cancellation policy. Travellers can cancel their bus bookings before the bus departure time; however, there are different terms for different bus operators that you can find while cancelling your ticket. Refunds for the same are initiated using the original payment method.

Discounts and Offers

In the “All Offers” section, you will find various offers to make your trip more fun. Always remember to make use of these offers while booking your bus ticket. You can avail cashback, discounts, and festive coupons with many other offers. You can easily check these offers on the app or website before buying a ticket for your next trip.

Ticket Shared Online

No more carrying the paper ticket and trying not to lose it, as Abhibus shares tickets online on your mobile number and email ID. When you book a bus ticket through Abhibus, you receive a message on WhatsApp as well. They share all the details related to the ticket and bus on your mobile via SMS and email ID, which is more feasible to carry than a small paper ticket.

Private and SRTC Buses

There are various buses available on Abhibus, as we have already discussed above. Abhibus provides private and SRTC buses of both types to keep the diversity intact for all kinds of customers and travellers. It adds to the flexibility of Abhibus by providing a huge variety of options.

Multiple Bus Services

With Abhibus, multiple bus operators are associated, providing a greater variety of options for travellers to travel on a daily basis and occasionally. With such a diverse nature, these bus services have their own policies that differ from one another.

Say No to Travel Agents

We all know how hectic it is to book your trip through a travel agent. With stress, they charge loads of money that crosses our budget. With Abhibus, you get to book your seat at reasonable prices, and there are various offers to help you make it even cheaper.

No More Long Queues

Standing in long lines just to pay and get a paper ticket with a seat you hate is no longer an option. Abhibus, with its online ticket booking process, allows you to book tickets from anywhere and share details on your mobile. Now you only need to go to the boarding point, and the rest is taken care of by Abhibus.

Track Your Bus

Instead of finding your bus and keeping waiting with the worry that you might miss it, this is also solved with a tracking feature. When you book your ticket with Abhibus, you can easily track your bus and plan to reach the boarding point accordingly.


In this blog, we have discussed the complete guide to booking bus tickets on Abhibus and its features. Enjoy Airbnb coupon codes through Cashaly to save more on booking hotels. Abhibus is the best platform to book bus tickets using its online service. It is safe to travel with Abhibus buses, as you can track them live on the app.