Why Should you Hire a Ghost Writer to Help Write your Book?

Why Should you Hire a Ghost Writer to Help Write your Book?

The advantages of enlisting a ghostwriter over attempting to personally write your book are as follows: 

Achieving Completion

The most significant advantage of hiring a ghostwriter is that your book project will actually come to fruition. Currently, we are collaborating with three co-authors who harbored a desire to write a book for over three years, yet never managed to initiate the writing process. Our engagement began in July, and by the year’s end, they will hold tangible books in their hands. What was merely a long-standing aspiration could transform into reality within six months of enlisting an ebook ghostwriter services

Expediting The Process

A ghostwriter can expedite the book creation timeline compared to what you could achieve independently. Seasoned ghostwriters for hire develop efficient systems and structures that streamline the writing journey. As a result, when you conceive your book idea, much of the arduous groundwork has already been executed. 

Minimized Time Investment

Contemplate the time required to write and extensively research a book on your own. Our authors frequently invest between 100 to 500+ hours in writing, researching, and revising their books. By collaborating with a ghostwriter, you can substantially reduce this investment. To what extent? Potentially between 10 and 30 hours of your time, depending on the extent of necessary revisions. 

No Need To Master Book Writing

A commonly shared sentiment is, “I gained immense knowledge while writing my book!” While this can indeed be enriching, it is also a time-consuming endeavor fraught with trial and error. Often, the true labor commences during the editing phase when authors finally receive professional feedback. Ghostwriting obviates the necessity for traversing this entire process.

Wondering About The Drawbacks Of Hiring A Ghostwriter? 

While the benefits are evident, it’s essential to consider the downsides: 

Cost Considerations

The expense associated with ghostwriting can be a notable concern. Many individuals presume ghostwriting to be a pricey endeavor, and they’re correct in that assumption. The Writers’ Union of Canada has established a base fee of $40,000 for a book spanning 60,000 to 90,000 words. Similarly, the Australia Society of Writers cites an average rate of $0.71 per word, aligning with this cost range. However, rates encompass a wide spectrum, ranging from lower rates on freelance platforms to considerably higher fees for renowned celebrity writers who can command six-figure sums.

Uncertainty In Quality

Engaging ghostwriters for hire often involves a significant financial investment without a guaranteed outcome. While securing skilled ghostwriters for hire can yield a superbly written book within the timeline, the opposite scenario is possible. In such cases, you might pay a substantial sum for a book that either exceeds the projected timeframe, disrupts your schedule, or produces substandard content. Mitigating this risk hinges on selecting the right ghostwriter. 

Time Allocation

A crucial point to note is that even with a hired ghostwriter, your involvement is still required throughout the process. This could entail participation in initial interviews, responding to inquiries, and reviewing and offering feedback on drafts. Although efforts are made to minimize this involvement, your absence could hinder the book’s potential quality. Additionally, extended time frames might result due to waiting for feedback. 

Limited Deliverable

It’s vital to comprehend that the ghostwriting process and its associated fee encompass solely the writing aspect of the book. Design, printing, distribution, and other aspects of the publishing process are not covered. Unless you collaborate with an all-inclusive provider offering end-to-end ebook ghostwriter services, managing and funding the remaining phases of publication remains your responsibility.

Contemplating Whether To Enlist A Ghostwriter’s Assistance? 

Numerous common concerns arise when clients explore ebook ghostwriter services. However, not all of these concerns imply an immediate need for a ghostwriter. Some issues can be addressed through collaboration with a writing coach, while others could find resolution with the aid of a skilled structural editor. 

“I’m Not A Writer.” 

The prevalent worry we often encounter is the belief that writing prowess is a prerequisite. Fortunately, this notion is untrue. Being an accomplished writer isn’t obligatory for producing a commendable book. In reality, our team has collaborated with over 200 aspiring authors, of whom only three possessed formal writing backgrounds. Your initial draft’s quality isn’t paramount; a proficient structural editor can disassemble and reconstruct it, transforming your conceptual thoughts into a credible, captivating, and coherent book. 

“I Don’t Know How To Express My Ideas.” 

This is where a competent writing coach can prove invaluable—exactly what we facilitate through our Book Blueprint workshops. Our approach involves clarifying your concepts, and outlining your entire book in bullet points, thus providing a comprehensive blueprint that guides your initial draft composition. 

“I Lack The Time.” 

The perception that writing a book consumes extensive time is often misleading. Our Book Blueprint methodology streamlines the process by furnishing a highly detailed blueprint, making the writing almost self-guided. The Book Blueprint itself was developed using this methodology, taking just three days! While I advise against such a rapid pace, a clear blueprint empowers you to complete your book within a month or two, even if you allocate just 30 to 60 minutes daily. 

“I’m Eager To Finish!” 

So, what’s hindering you? If it’s due to time constraints or procrastination, carve out time. Rise an hour earlier or dedicate a few weeks in a secluded retreat to initiate writing. If personal authorship truly isn’t viable, then ghostwriters for hire becomes an option. Remember, though, that your engagement remains essential for addressing queries and reviewing drafts. 

Evaluate Your Need For A Ghostwriter

To summarize, a scarcity of time and a non-writing background shouldn’t inherently propel you toward hiring a ghostwriter. These circumstances might simply warrant additional support in the writing process, such as a coach, a skilled editor, or an adaptable writing framework—a ghostwriter isn’t obligatory. The primary reason to consider a ghostwriter is if you’ve harbored a long-standing desire to write a book but haven’t managed to accomplish it independently. If the realization dawns that achieving this goal requires external assistance, a ghostwriter can translate your vision into a draft ready for publication.