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911 Dispatchers are well known for their tireless work in emergencies and are considered to be among the most important personnel in the field of public safety. Recently, there has been a significant increase in the popularity of Apple Watches, as they have become widely associated with convenience, productivity, and style. Despite this, many 911 dispatchers are beginning to loathe these smartwatches, with some going as far as equating them with “the bane of their existence.”

The major issue causing 911 dispatchers to have a severe dislike for Apple Watches is that they are in direct conflict with a National Emergency Number Association (NENA) protocol which requires dispatchers to be able to identify the location of callers as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the Apple Watch does not accurately provide location details.

Furthermore, many 911 dispatchers also point out the inaccuracy of providing any other information. The call system of Apple Watch is one-way communication, meaning that the caller is unable to hear or respond to a dispatcher’s questions. This creates an environment of chaos and confusion, making it difficult to ascertain any important details or any specific location.

Privacy is another factor that 911 dispatchers strongly dislike with the Apple Watch. Since Apple Watch keeps personal records of users such as their heart rate, some dispatchers run into issues because such information is protected under privacy laws and cannot be accessed. This puts them at a great disadvantage when trying to ascertain vital information about the caller.

In light of these issues, some 911 dispatchers have even gone as far as to label Apple Watches as “horrible” calling devices in their opinion. Unsurprisingly, this has frustrated many Apple Watch owners, who attempt to use their watch to contact 911, only to find themselves in an environment that does not work in their favour.

Overall, the Apple Watch is seemingly seen a nuisance to 911 dispatchers who have begun to take a strong dislike towards these devices. Although Apple Watches can be extremely useful in terms of convenience and connectivity, their incompatibility with the NENA protocol could mean 911 dispatchers will remain unimpressed with their use.

Why 911 dispatchers hate Apple Watches  The Indian Express

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