Who can Benefit from Cyberknife Treatment in India?

Who can Benefit from Cyberknife Treatment in India?

Cancer is the major cause that affects many individuals every year. Cyberknife treatment is a modern and well-advanced technique to treat cancer complications. This life-threatening disease needs not only to cause physical damage but also mental and financial damage to the patients. And this thing made India’s role important in the health sector. 

India is an evolving medical tourist destination that is growing in the health sector field. It has advanced medical facilities and a top-notch, well-established infrastructure. Also, the cyberknife treatment cost in India is low in comparison to the other countries. This gives ease to cancer patients and their families to visit India to find better solutions.

What is Cyberknife Treatment? 

Cyberknife treatment is counted as one of the advanced medical treatments to treat tumors. This treatment helps patients with tumors to get positive outcomes after following the advanced procedure. It is a type of radiation therapy device that spreads high-frequency radiation to the tumor areas to destroy the tumor cells. It is effective in treating any type of tumor, either general, which is the first stage tumor, or complicated. It is one of the most advanced and efficient solutions to treat various cancers like the lungs, liver, head, prostate, neck, and others. 

How is Cyberknife Treatment Performed in India? 

Cyberknife treatment is an advanced radiation treatment procedure that is used to treat tumors and cancers. It is different from the traditional tumor treatment process. Here is the cyberknife treatment procedure –

Evaluation of the Patients 

The evaluation of patients is important in order to understand who can benefit from cyberknife treatment. The treatment is performed to cure diseases like tumors. So, through evaluation, the surgeon could know the exact location, size, and other complications around it. Medical tests like CT scan, MRIs, and PET Scans plays an important role during the diagnosis and give complete information about the patient’s medical history and other health complications. 

Treatment Preparation 

This involves the deployment of the 3D, and CT scans to the treatment area so that it can treat the tumor without hurting the healthy tissues around it. The surgeons and oncologists calculate the amount of radiation dose that needs to be delivered to the tumor area of the patient.

Cyberknife Treatment Session 

Cyberknife is different from the traditional radiation therapy. Patients can lie down comfortably, and the robotic arm moves around them to target the tumor cells. It involves real-time imaging and tracking of the tumor condition. It can also be adjustable according to the tumor size and position.

The Delivery of the Radiation 

Once the position is finalized, the beam of radiation is emitted to target the tumor. This involves multiple small beams at one time to target the tumor cells from different directions and angles. This treatment process makes sure that the healthy tissues and cells of the patient’s body do not suffer because of this. 

The treatment process takes up to 30 minutes to one hour. After the process completion, patients need to be observed and monitored by their medical professionals. It helps them to get a faster recovery and also examines the efficiency of the treatment. 

What is Cyberknife Treatment Cost in India? 

Cyberknife treatment cost in India is a reason for the patients to go to India for their medical treatments. Other countries like the USA, the UK, and Australia have high medical costs that make India an ideal and affordable option for patients around the world. Many domestic and international patients visit India with their medical complications and health issues and get quality treatments and smooth recovery. The cost of the treatments starts from INR 31 lacs, which is around USD 6300. It can increase depending on the factors like hospitalization, surgeon’s fees, and others. 

What Are the Best Hospitals for Cyberknife Treatment in India? 

Here is a list of some of the best hospitals that perform the best cyberknife surgeries with high success rate – 

Dharamshila Narayana Superspeciality Hospital 

  • Dharamshila Narayana Superspeciality Hospital is a leading hospital in New Delhi, India, established in the year 1994.
  • It has accreditation from NABH and NABL and was also the first in a row to get accreditation as the first cancer hospital in India.
  • The world-class infrastructure is the USP of the hospital, which provides end-to-end medical facilities to all its patients.

Gleneagles Global Hospital 

  • Gleneagles Global Hospital is a well-known hospital situated in the southern part of India, established in the year 1999.
  • The hospital offers more than 1000 beds facilities that help all patients around the world to get treatment promptly without waiting too much.
  • It has accreditation with the NABB, NABH, and NABL. These reputed accreditations foster the trust of people in the medical services and facilities of the hospital.

Global Hospitals 

  • Global Hospitals is a leading hospital in India, established in the year 1996. It is known for providing quality healthcare and medical services to the patients.
  • The team of medical professionals resolves thousands of surgeries every year, which involve both general and complex cases.
  • The infrastructure of the hospital is the USP, along with the advanced medical facilities of OPD, special medical units, pharmacy, and many more.

Jaslok Hospital

  • One of the oldest hospital and medical services providers, Jaslok Hospital was established in the year 1970 to serve the patients. 
  • It offers treatment for a range of medical complications of patients, including cardiology, oncology, ophthalmology, obstetrics, ophthalmology, and many more.
  • It has a well-trained medical team along with experienced surgeons who make sure that their patients get a smooth medical experience.

Cyberknife is a well-advanced treatment option for cancer patients. This non-invasive treatment demands to be treated under highly expert guidance and advanced infrastructure. India, as a growing medical tourist place, has both things. The talented team of medical professionals in India is eager to provide the best health solutions to their patients. The cyberknife treatment cost in India is a plus point that gives affordable treatment options for cancer patients to get rid of their health complications without paying too much. The patient’s treatment success rate is also high and builds patients’ trust in the Indian medical system.