Whitney Simmons Alive Application: An Honest Evaluate

It’s been three months since YouTube fitness guru Whitney Simmons launched her Alive app, which is designed to help users start their own fitness journey and stay motivated on their way to achieving their health and wellness goals. With a range of features such as personalised wellness plans, support from Whitney and her community, tracking to monitor your progress, and mini challenges to keep you motivated, the app offers users the ability to make real changes to their lifestyle.

It’s safe to say that the Alive app has been a hit among fitness enthusiasts and lifestyle influencers since its launch. But what can the everyday user expect from Whitney Simmons’ Alive app? We took an in-depth look to bring you an honest evaluation.

First off, one of the standout features of the Alive app is its personalised wellness plans, which are tailored to meet the individual needs and goals of each user. You can choose from a range of plans, from beginner’s guidance to athlete level training, and the app makes sure you have access to the guidance and support you need to reach your goals.

The tracking feature is also great, allowing you to monitor your progress and see how far you’ve come. You can easily access it on your mobile device and track various health markers such as calorie intake, workouts, and even your sleep patterns.

The community aspect of the app is also really powerful. Whitney and her team are always active and engaging with their users, offering advice, tips and support. This helps encourage and motivate you to keep going and stay true to your goals, even on your bad days.

Finally, the mini challenges the app offers are a great way to stay engaged and inspired. The challenges are fun, varied and most importantly, achievable. They can also help push you out of your comfort zone and encourage you to reach greater heights.

So, is the Alive app worth it? We’d say absolutely. While the app may seem expensive at first, the benefits you’ll get from it and the lifestyle improvements you’ll experience make it well worth the money. There’s no doubt that Whitney Simmons Alive App is an invaluable tool for anyone wanting to start their own fitness journey. [ad_1]

In college and in the a few several years that adopted, I was very little small of a gymnasium rat. I would wake up between 5 and 6 a.m. every working day like clockwork to be certain that I’d be capable to raise just before class. I stored it up publish-university to be certain that I could sustain my health targets inspite of performing 60- to 70-hour months. For me, lifting was the supreme outlet the incredibly greatest pressure reliever.

But somewhere concerning a toxic romance, processing the stop of it, trying to retain a social life, and working myself to the position of burnout in my last several years residing in New York, I shed sight of that. Or, extra properly, I just didn’t really feel like I experienced the time or power, nor the self-assurance, to craft new workout routines, walk into what was as soon as my favorite location on Earth, and function myself by means of reps and sets to the position of exhaustion.

Alternatively, I began undertaking coach-led boutique exercise lessons that took the assumed out of operating out. It was one considerably less factor to imagine about I could just display up and do what I was told. And that worked for me for the previous six years—but it never ever gave me the exact same thrill (or emotion of strength) that lifting significant weights did.

I have been next mega fit-fluencer Whitney Simmons for a even though now, and recently commenced looking at and listening to a good deal about her Alive program. I figured, what the hell, I’d give it a try. Very long story quick: It reignited my appreciate for the gymnasium, and in the end instilled more self esteem in myself.

What is the Alive application?

The Alive app is brimming with about 100 every day exercise routines to select from, all of which are amongst 5 and 60 minutes long. The choices deal with a whole-body array of groups, such as HIIT, Higher, Legs, Thrust, and Pull options. There are also 33 Heat Ups and Amazing Downs, ranging from five to 8 minutes.

The app also has problems that last concerning 30 and 45 days, and applications that span 4 to 10 weeks. In each cases, there are rookie, intermediate, and superior options, so consumers can tailor how challenging the obstacle or system will be.

Customers can jot down their ideas in the in-app journal at any position, and are encouraged to with prompts in the troubles and systems. In the meantime, the Journey segment lets buyers preserve observe of the number of workouts and any achievement badges attained.

The Alive & Prosper Problem

Like so numerous, I wished to kickstart the 12 months with wellness and wellness at the forefront of my brain. Following emotion significantly less fulfilled by Orangetheory (my selected conditioning course for the earlier two many years, which I commonly attended three to 4 moments for each 7 days) and much more energized by the strategy of switching issues up, I bought a gymnasium membership and downloaded the Alive app. For $14.99 for each month, a total earth of exercise choices opened up to me, and I could not hold out to get started.

To kick issues off, I signed up for the Alive & Prosper Challenge, a 45-day program with 4 lifting times, one mobility working day, and two relaxation days (accompanied by journal prompts) for every week. I opted for the intermediate stage and was satisfied with a sequence of 4 45-moment workouts (in addition heat-up and great-down routines) for each week. To get cardio in, I would get started every exercise with a a person-mile treadmill strut.

Here’s what I cherished most about this challenge—and the Alive app as a complete:

  • It builds routines for you, building it easy to start out and adhere to a physical fitness regimen.
  • It delivers in depth workouts with muscle diagrams for just about every physical exercise, so you know particularly what you’re functioning on.
  • Each and every exercising has an tutorial movie, so if you’ve never ever done a lift or made use of a certain device (or if, like me, it’s been a though and you’ve neglected), you can see how to do it from several angles.
  • The application allows you track the weights made use of and remembers them for future exercises.
  • In just each individual training, you have the solution to transfer routines all around beforehand, so you can execute it in your picked get.
  • There is an alternate workout for each go, so you can modify and even now get the meant muscle growth.
  • The application gives workout summaries at the conclusion of each raise, which are colourful and encouraging and can be instantly shared to social media if you want.

Having on this problem got me out of my comfort and ease zone and again into the health club. It switched matters up each individual day, which intended that it was in no way boring—I under no circumstances felt the urge to skip.

Regrettably, for the duration of the previous week of the problem, I obtained unwell and finished up missing a few exercises. I prepared to make them up the pursuing 7 days but, as it turns out, you just can’t retroactively entire them if the conclusion date has handed. (Womp womp.) However, I concluded with a 90% Gold completion charge, so no problems below.

Is Whitney Simmons’ Alive application really worth it?

In my view: Absolutely. As someone who loves to do the job out individually but also loves guidance, the Alive application incorporates almost everything you have to have to build new conditioning behavior, find new workouts, and develop your understanding of machines, lifts, and muscle motion in standard. And considering that it has all the instructional movies you could hope for without having quantity or unnecessary commentary, it streamlines the finding out course of action. Individually, I found that it created re-getting into a vintage fitness center less difficult than at any time. (And following 6 many years of keeping away from it, that is genuinely saying anything.)

Whitney’s persona also has a thing to do with the charm. She’s pretty entertaining, not to mention relatable. No matter whether it is her openness bordering dwelling with psoriasis, or her GRWM reels or mic’d-up movies, she’s a legitimate pleasure to follow—and I really feel like which is not constantly (browse: seldom) the scenario with influencers in the 3 million+ realm.

Now, I’d be remiss not to point out: The biggest damaging feedback bordering the app (on Reddit, at minimum), is that Whitney Simmons is not actually a qualified coach. (And to my know-how, she’s in no way claimed to be.) She is, nonetheless, a committed exercise influencer who has been performing out religiously for yrs, not to mention a Gymshark and Alani Nu athlete.

For me personally, I’m all right with the simple fact that she’s not a CPT. That doesn’t indicate that she just cannot share what she is aware of, and what’s labored for her. After all, right after 45 times following Whitney’s recommendations, I have found that it’s labored for me, too: I really feel energized, uplifted, and prepared to take on my up coming obstacle. Only this time, it will be in the form of the 10-week Alive Powerful application.


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