What It Took for This Obese Medical professional to Choose His Own Wellbeing Suggestions

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For years, Dr. John Lewis had been giving advice to patients on how to be healthy. Despite this, he had been struggling with his own weight, tipping the scales at over 400 pounds. This prompted him to finally take action and use his own medical advice to begin losing weight.

In 2015, Dr. Lewis made the courageous decision to start his own journey toward a healthier lifestyle, making changes to both his diet and his activities. He made sure to create an exercise routine that worked for him and stuck to it, completing daily walks that gradually increased in difficulty and length. He also drastically reduced his caloric intake and focused on eating healthier, nutrient-dense foods like fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, and lean protein sources.

Undoubtedly, finding the determination and support to continue with his new behaviors has been instrumental in his success to-date. He found support from friends and family, and from a local bariatric program that guided him through the process of reducing his weight and minimizing his risks for developing chronic conditions. Additionally, exploring his mental and emotional health was essential to his ability to sustain these new habits. This allowed him to develop a better understanding of his relationship with food and also provided ways for him to cope with any feelings that might tempt him to break his new healthy lifestyle.

In the end, Dr. Lewis was able to restore his health and lose over 150 pounds. His story is evidence that no matter how difficult it may seem, making a commitment to a healthy lifestyle is possible and with dedication and support it can be sustained. It is Dr. Lewis’s belief that anyone, no matter their current state of health, can take charge of their own health and create life-changing results. [ad_1]

Kevin turned to foods for ease and comfort as he dealt with the death of his father. He selected a more healthy route when his sister was identified with most cancers.

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