What Is CNC Laser Cutting and How Does It Work?

What Is CNC Laser Cutting and How Does It Work?

In this Blog, we’ll look at the steps involved in CNC laser cutting and how it differs from conventional cutting techniques. Sachin Steel Enterprises is one of the best CNC laser cutting services in Manesar, Gurugram.

Customers nowadays, unlike in the past, are searching for innovative machinery that can carry out these duties and cutting-edge technology that can match their exacting design criteria.

Despite the use of CNC plasma cutting and CNC wire cutting, all machinists worldwide acknowledge CNC laser cutting as a machining technology.

What Is CNC Laser Cutting? 

CNC laser cutting is a fabrication technique in which pre-programmed computer software controls machinery and tools. The procedure entails sending a signal and CNC of the design to the cutting machine using a motion control system or computer, where the technical design is then cut into a material. Compared to a laser cutter, this procedure takes a lot more specialised machinery and tools.

What Is A CNC Cutter?

A CNC cutter uses computer numerical controls and specialised computer instructions known as G-code to accurately carry out the necessary operations. The design and operation of CNC laser cutting machine differ slightly from that of traditional CNC machine. The non-contact thermal process hypothesis underlies how it works. CNC laser cutting machine includes a laser head, which consists of a nozzle and a laser-focusing lens.

The focusing head and lens direct the laser beam through the nozzle. When a workpiece is exposed to a laser beam, it is melted and sliced into the required shape. Laser beams are a group of extremely powerful light rays. Compressed gas is utilised in CNC lasers to evacuate the metal vapour from the workpiece and cool the lens.

How Does A CNC Laser Cutting Machine Work?

When a point on a metallic surface is concentrated by a potent laser beam, rapid heating takes place there because of the intense heat concentration. Through controlling the movements of the laser head and laser beam, CNC technology will help in achieving the desired cuts.

Different Types Of CNC Laser Cutting Machines

The condition of the laser medium, such as solid, liquid, or gas, as well as the component employed in the medium, such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen, etc., are used to categorise CNC laser cutting machines.: Carbon dioxide, Nitrogen etc. The most common laser-cutting machines used in the manufacturing industries are: 

  • CNC CO2 laser cutter 
  • CNC crystal laser cutter 
  • CNC fiberlaser cutter 

Let’s detail the various models of CNC Laser cutting machines.

What Is CNC CO2 Laser Cutter?

CNC CO2 laser cutting machines are, to put it simply, those that utilise carbon dioxide as the laser’s operating medium. The most popular laser cutters on the market are those with this capacity and ability to create powerful output.

With these machines, a 15KW output power and typically up to 30% efficiency can be anticipated. These machines are typically used to work on sheet metals or any other metals that are less than 10mm thick. They are suitable for cutting small elements and acute angles.

On thick metal surfaces, the quality of the cut improves as machine power increases.

What Is CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machines?

CNC fiber laser cutting is one of the most recent cutting-edge technologies.In this technology, a collection of diodes are used to form the laser beam, which is then sent across a fiber optic cable. When it comes to cutting materials less than 5mm thick, fiber laser cutting is significantly quicker and cleaner than other cutting techniques. The majority of materials are highly compatible with this cutting method, while silver metal requires extra caution.

The heat from the laser beam, which can damage the entire metal during cutting, can be withstood by silver. When employing this technology to cut silver metals, this is a significant difficulty.Machinists typically utilise a bracket to transfer the heat from the metal surface in order to get around this problem.

What Is CNC Crystal Laser Cutting Machines?

The laser beam in CNC crystal laser cutting machines is produced using crystals such neodymium-doped yttrium ortho-vanadate and yttrium aluminium garnet, as the name suggests. Due to the great power of the laser beam, CNC crystal laser cutting machines are frequently used to cut thick materials.  These laser cutting devices work extremely well with a variety of materials, including glass, metals, plastics, and wood.

Advantages Of CNC Laser Cutting Machines

Given what we now know about CNC laser cutting services, its multiple forms, and how each variation differs from the others, let’s look at the advantages these devices have over traditional cutting tools. Contrary to conventional cutting tools, CNC laser cutting machines enable you to complete tasks requiring precise and accurate cutting of intricate patterns, designs, and even holes as small as 2 mm.

Since the CNC laser cutting machines use high strength laser beams to cut, the results are extremely clean cuts that don’t require any further finishing procedures.

Various other machines, including milling and deburring machines, are used in conventional cutting technology to finish a cutting task. All of these additional tools or equipment are no longer necessary with the introduction of CNC machines.

Using this cutting method eliminates the risks of metal damage or contamination because laser cutting is a non-contact operation. You may always use CNC laser cutting machines for a quicker cutting procedure, whilst CNC wire cutting machines are better suited for projects requiring extremely fine finishing and cutting materials of larger thickness.

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