What are the travel tips for visiting Cancun?

What are the travel tips for visiting Cancun?

Cancun weather is mainly sunny year-round due to which this is commonly known as the City of the eternal Weather in the Caribbean. It has an average temperature of 77 Fahrenheit or 25 Celsius depending on the time of the year. You must know that rains in the Caribbean are not like what we experience in our daily lives. Rain in Cancun is on and off so you will never have to experience a full day of rain and it’s even strange for some people visiting this place. Also you may feel raindrops on a sunny day.

This guide will discuss everything you need to know. Whether you are looking for a relaxing beach vacation or some adventure, Cancun has something to offer to everyone.

Check the Cancun weather before planning your trip!

You will experience two seasons in Cancun, one is the wet season and the other is the dry season. Cancun is a significant tourist destination in Mexico so, if you are planning to travel, check Cancun weather by month which can help you in planning your trip.

  •  Weather in the months of December to April- Due to mild weather and less humidity December to April months are considered to be the ideal time of the year where travellers can enjoy the most sunshine. This is the time of the dry season when there are large crowds present in Cancun.
  •   The months of May to August– the humidity during these months’ starts to increase and the temperatures regularly increase up to 70 degree Celsius but it cannot be much bothersome for the travellers who don’t mind the heat and humidity along with some drops of rain.
  • The months of September to November- This is the time when the weather is the worst and the temperatures are at the highest. The risk of hurricanes increases but it can also be sunny at some times. This time of the year is really unpredictable and the only thing you can be sure of is that it is hot and humid. And the temperatures during this time reaches up to 80 degree Celsius.  

Is it always raining in Cancun?

Rainfall in Cancun increases during the summer season mainly between the months of June and October. The weather in Cancun changes constantly.

In the morning, the weather may feel cool and rainy but when the sun rises you will enjoy clear weather. Similarly, if it is a sunny day and suddenly it will rain heavily and then it will be all clear within 15 minutes. During the rainy season, the rains can last for several days and if you are on a vacation during this time then you can visit the indoor attractions like the museums and some aquariums.

Is there any chance of an Earthquake in Cancun?

No, Cancun is not located in a seismic zone but there have been cases of earthquakes near the Caribbean islands like Cuba or Jamaica, so it is possible to feel slightly in Quintana Roo.

What are the travel tips for visiting Cancun in 2023?

Don’t spend all your time on the beach- Even Cancun is known for its stunning white sand beaches there are a lot more things to do in the city. So while you are preparing your itinerary for your trip you can add the beach time but try to spend more time exploring new things in the city. Moreover, Cancun is surrounded by some incredible natural wonders which you cannot miss at any cost.

  • Avoid visiting Cancun during the hurricane season- Cancun is a pretty destination to travel but the hurricane season may bring heavy rains and strong winds which can perfectly ruin a trip. This may also affect the airlines and hotels available at some discounted rates during this time. Although this is the best fit for a less budget trip, if you want to live the fullest you should plan a trip during the dry season from December to April.


  • Drink bottled water- Drinking tap water in Cancun cannot be safe at all so you should drink the bottled water to stay hydrated throughout your trip. Bottled water is easily available in Cancun and because of the hot and humid climate you need to stay hydrated every time. Just carry your own water and drink water without any stress.


  • Don’t swim when the flag is red- There are a large number of beaches all over Cancun and if you plan to swim during your trip, always pay attention to the flag system in Cancun. Green flag denotes that the water is safe for swimming and red denotes high waves, strong currents and unsafe for swimming. Moreover, the yellow flag denotes that the water is too dangerous for swimming at a particular point in time.

What are things to do in Cancun?

  Go on a scuba diving adventure- You can go scuba diving in Cancun as this is the most famous adventure activity and you cannot miss scuba diving while visiting Cancun.

  •         Go snorkelling on the Barrier reef in Puerto Morelos- If you love snorkelling then Puerto Morelos is the place for you. Here you can go for many adventurous activities but snorkelling is world famous. You can also enjoy swimming at this place.


  •         Take some surfing lessons- You can surf in the Cancun beach but it is not the most popular destination for surfing In Mexico. Still it is well known among surfers as Cancun offers different surf schools where you can take some surf lessons.


  •         Rent a private yacht for yourself- Do you know you can get your own yacht when you visit Cancun and you can decide to go and what to see depending upon the duration of the rental yacht.

There are so many activities that you can do in Cancun and nature offers good weather or flexibility to schedule your visit for another day. Now you know the rainiest, coldest and hottest days in Cancun.


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