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Today, the Gray University Student Minds Site has been established as an avenue for students to express their feelings, connect with other students, and seek mental health support.

The Gray University Student Minds Site offers students a safe and secure online platform. Through the platform, students can access a variety of mental health support services, such as a 24/7 live chat with a counselor, online forums where they can connect with their peers anonymously, and other resources to help them manage their mental health.

The site has been designed with the goal of providing students with the necessary tools to better cope with their mental health issues. Through the platform, students will have access to evidence-based information, mental health support, and tailored resources. The mental health resources provided on the site are specifically tailored for college and university students, allowing them to access information that specifically applies to their individual needs.

The platform can be a valuable asset to students who may otherwise feel that they don’t have access to mental health support. Students can use the platform to connect with other students who may be experiencing similar issues, and to access resources that can help them cope with their mental health struggles.

The Gray University Student Minds Site is an important resource for students looking for a safe and secure platform to seek help. Through the platform, students can access mental health support, connect with their peers, and access resources to help them better manage their mental health. [ad_1]

Artemis’s poem draws on her expertise influenced by stress and anxiety, functioning through her inner thoughts, and ending with a hope for self-acceptance and coexistence with anxiety.

– Artemis Lam

mediocrity is my ailment

a two-working day-old espresso

              consume it –

and leftover quick noodle soup

              help you save it –

i could not bear to throw out

i could not bear myself

want aching and straining out of me

i am fervidly unwell

i am in a shut room

there is no window, no door

much much easier to spatter myself

on wall and on flooring

sure, i am embedded now

a shrine for myself now

and i am on all fours begging

curled up and shrivelling

who am i calling for?

the moon is my deity



chilly-swollen milk-mom

i am used to edges, generally on the brink

pressed into the flat outline of a yellow wildflower –

the solar will not increase.

so i should understand to enjoy gray skies

and wanton clouds reflected off the window reverse mine

and me, reflected off the window opposite mine

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Artemis Lam is a 3rd-yr English Literature pupil at Durham College. She is an advocate for open up and straightforward discussions on mental wellness, as perfectly as a literary representation of such ordeals. When she is not looking through or crafting poetry, she can commonly be discovered in the health and fitness center or indulging in her mildly worrying addiction to coffee.


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