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On April 7, 2021, Twitter users around the world encountered an unforeseen, unexpected issue. The social media platform faced a disruption in service, rendering its users unable to tweet or send direct messages. As confirmed by Twitter Support in a series of tweets, the outage was a result of an internal technical problem, not the result of a hack or security breach.

The outage began around 9:30 a.m. EST and lasted for over half an hour, during which users were unable to compose new tweets or direct messages, post images, or navigate the platform. After about 35 minutes, Twitter Support tweeted an update saying that the service was restored, informing users that they should be able to access Twitter normally again.

For those 35 minutes, Twitter users were not able to make any posts or respond to notifications or messages in direct messages. Though other online services also have outages, due to the expansive reach of Twitter, the outage affected hundreds of millions of users around the world.

Investigations by Twitter Security have revealed that the outage was caused by an internal technical issue and was not the result of a security breach or malicious attack. As a result, users’ personal data and account information remains safe and not compromised.

The occurrence of the outage has left many people questioning Twitter’s security protocols and internal technical capabilities. Though the outage was quickly resolved and personal data was not compromised, it raised questions of how secure the platform is. Twitter has stated that they are taking measures to prevent this from happening again and are working to ensure the platform provides users with the reliable service they expect. [ad_1]

Twitter end users briefly not able to tweet, send messages – WISC-Tv3


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