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Anime Lovers have always been looking for some excitement following their favorite genre. And, for me, it’s always the suspense. And when it comes to suspense, who can miss Tokyo Revengers? This Anime Manga series is one of the famous comics galore. There’s alot to discuss about this series when it comes to the plot, but I’m writing this blog specifically for the Tokyo Revengers Jacket the group wears in this series. This jacket got recognition among anime lovers and drummed up all the hardcore fans, including me. For a little bit of a look at the plot, let’s travel back in time and find out what it was about. 

Let’s go back in time

This anime series is about the Tokyo Manjikai Gang, which is a group of hostile criminals who have been disturbing the peace of the community for quite some time and later kill Hinata Tachibana. The girlfriend of Takemichi Hanagaki, who is a freelancer and has met a lot of despair in his life. When he hears the news about Hinata on the news, who was her only middle-school girlfriend when he used to be in school, he feels broken and hopeless and waits at the railway station when he’s pushed on the tracks by a herd of people. Right at the moment when he’s about to die, he finds himself somewhere else and later finds that he’s already twelve years back in time. Who then does his best to save her girlfriend by ranking up and getting the revenge of his life from the Tokyo Manji Gang. 


While at the same time, the story takes several folds and makes Takemichi an important part of the Manji gang. A lot happens in the series, and his girlfriend still gets killed in the second season. Well, going back to what I was supposed to write about, Tokyo Revengers Jacket is one of the inspiring costumes that one can have a look at and grab to experience. When it comes to the plot, no one can resist to discuss it without being worried about time. But let’s have a look at how we can use this jacket for many of our occasions. 

Curate your Party Looks with a Tokyo Revengers Jacket

This super duper jacket is one of the jazziest jackets that enables you to take your swank to the next level. This jacket has minimalistic vibes that allow you to wear this jacket on literally your regular days, but again, when you’re in the turmoils of your styling decisions for any special event, this jacket enters the game like no one else. Tokyo Revengers Jacket is able to throw a lot of impressions together when you wear this jacket. So make sure you opt for this jacket specifically for any upcoming party. The reason why I’m so sure about this jacket being able to create some aesthetic looks is because I have this jacket, and I have been donning it multiple times for different occasions. I still have some ideas left to curate using this cute and stylish jacket. 

Definitely plan it for your nights out with your friends, and one of the best things that you can come up with for this jacket is the group look. Matching outfits have been trending for years and not going to get cramped anytime soon. So think about it and come up with some unique looks with this jacket. You can simply personalize your looks by adding some of your own elements and bring up a new theme using this eccentric jacket. Another favorite look of mine that I’ve been thinking of having is the Halloween look. 

Rock on this Halloween with your squad

The halloween looks are not about spookiness all the time, but many people tend to have personalized looks by having some decent outfits. Accessorizing it differently makes them stand out on Halloween day, and once you decide on putting on a Tokyo Revengers jacket, it definitely has the appeal that makes you the center of attention. Making the squad look even more exciting, as I mentioned before, my friends’ group and I are also planning for it. Creating the looks with this jacket will not be a bad decision for sure. I’m personally in love with this uncluttered jacket as it has the ability to rock your Halloween looks, too. We’re going to create the same looks as the Manjikai Gang this coming Halloween, and I’m sure it will be worth it. 

Make your college days unforgettable

As the title suggests, this is another way of making your college days memorable with your friends. It’s been heard that college days are the best days of life, and it’s true. Talking about your school and college days takes you back in time and gives you a nostalgic feeling remembering it. So be sure to create the best memories ever when you still have time. 

And the best thing you can do is with a Tokyo Revengers jacket. Plan often to wear this jacket together; I’m telling you it’ll be worth it. We would definitely do it if this series would have come out earlier. But yeah, we still did it with another outfit that all of us in our friend’s gang had. I still remember how we used to be the center of attention of everyone. And how we were famous in college still mesmerizes all of us whenever we meet and recall those times. 

Wrapping up

In short, this coolest and elementary aristocratic jacket has authentic plus vibes. Once you and your squad decide to wear this jacket, you throw authentic symbolism through this look. The embellishments in the form of text look distinctive and give you the best feel ever. There are some authentic brands that sell amazing quality anime jackets. So be quick and get your hands on one of these jackets and convince your friends to exhibit some dapper looks either in your student life or on Halloween. Curating it either way will be worth it. So go get it and rock it.