Tiny Love Tales: ‘Where Is Your Valentine Tonight?’

The search for a Valentine’s day gift can often be overwhelming and leave us feeling stuck in indecision. This year, Tiny Love Tales is offering something unique and special that is sure to make your special someone feel the love.

Tiny Love Tales is a card shop that specializes in handmade, customized love cards. The company has just released a beautiful new collection of cards – ‘Where Is Your Valentine Tonight?’ – that are perfect for expressing your love and appreciation, even from a distance.

The handcrafted cards feature an array of romantic, artistic designs, and each card is individually printed with colors and textures that will make your Valentine feel as if he or she is getting an intimate message. Each card is also renewable. They are perfect for keeping in touch with your special someone throughout the year.

The brilliant cards are not the only thing to love about Tiny Love Tales. The company is a socially conscious organization, and a portion of the proceeds from each sale will be donated to support nonprofit organizations.

Whether you’re looking for a special card to give as a Valentine’s day present or a card that you can use to keep in touch throughout the year, Tiny Love Tales will have something perfect for you and your special someone. So, this February, show your loved one just how much you care with a one-of-a-kind card from Tiny Love Tales.

Van Halen’s “Hot for Teacher” played in my head whenever I noticed my son’s dashing drama instructor. I was a one mother, invisible in the crowd of mom and dad right after just about every university enjoy. One lonely Valentine’s evening, I went to my son’s rehearsal of “Romeo and Juliet.” I smiled at Mr. Fuller like a nervous teen. Through a split, he sat subsequent to me and explained, “Where is your Valentine tonight?” Turns out, he was ideal beside me. We married two many years later on, blaring Van Halen out the window as we drove off to our honeymoon by means of the streets of Birmingham. — Julie Fuller

From the ages of 23 to 33, I gained bouquets from my dad and mom every single Valentine’s Day. Maybe they took pity on me, as my mates paired off and I remained one. Or maybe it was my father’s way of healing our unspoken divide. He was an immigrant from India who wished me to protect Gujarati culture and find economical independence, and I was a rebellious daughter who desired inventive independence and shunned the hyphenated id that will come with becoming 2nd-generation. I imagine the flowers had been my father’s way of expressing, “I love you for who you are, usually.” — Nidhi R. Mehta

Aleks and I had been friends, then best close friends, then a little something exhilarating and golden. We joked that we ended up dating so often that people today considered us. As an alternative of correcting them, we walked about our superior school keeping fingers and fantasized about obtaining a dwelling with each other in Tennessee. On Valentine’s Working day in 2020, Aleks gave me a postcard of a Tennessee mansion. The caption declared it gorgeous she circled the word and wrote, “just like you.” A few a long time later on, that postcard hangs beside my bed, and I sense blessed to be in love with the only female who has known as me attractive. — Ella Sherman

Grandma Peaches often liked Valentine’s Day. In 2008, she enlisted two of her adult granddaughters, Rebecca and Judith, to support her craft handmade cards for all 21 of her young children, grandchildren and excellent-grandchildren. Beating each frailty and dementia, Peaches sat up straight at her table and signed each individual card. On Feb. 14 that yr, I been given a call as I headed into yoga course. Grandma Peaches had left this earth. Afterwards that day, my card arrived, carrying her ultimate message of appreciate. — Brenda Bernstein

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