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The popular short-form video app, TikTok, has announced a major effort to tackle the spread of disinformation in the European Union. This is part of the company’s mission to provide its users with “a safe, positive, and informed online experience.”

The Chinese-owned application’s parent company, ByteDance, has formed a new team to combat disinformation. The team consists of experts and engineers from within the company and external specialist partners. Their focus will be on tackling disinformation on a local level, while also working with other stakeholders to ensure the highest standards of safety, security, and transparency.

TikTok is set to put several measures in place to curb the spread of false news. It is looking to launch a dedicated fact-checking initiative to help its users identify reliable sources of information. Other measures include improved moderation and content-selection algorithms, and better support and transparency for advertisers.

The app also plans to improve communication with authorities, and to be open and transparent about the measures it has taken to combat online disinformation. It has said it is open to cooperating with governments and international organizations to help curb the spread of fake news.

As the EU continues to grapple with the challenge of disinformation and the effects it has on elections, the move by TikTok is a welcome one. The company’s commitment to a safe, positive, and informed experience is one that could have a real impact on the quality of online discourse in the EU.

Only time will tell if the measures taken are enough to make a difference, but for now, TikTok’s efforts are laudable. [ad_1]

TikTok claims to ramp up combat towards disinformation in EU  The Indian Specific


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