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This city is located in Ladakh. It is the largest and the most visited spot of tourism in Ladakh. Numerous beautiful places are there in Leh to be visited and enjoyed. The city, Leh should be as a part of the trip to Ladakh, if one wishes to see the real beauty of Ladakh. This stunning and marvellous city would fill the heart with happiness with its mesmerising beauty.  for this you need to know about Leh ladakh tour packages.

This city has a cold desert climate. Airline and highway are the 2 modes to reach Leh. So far there are 2 highways to reach Leh – National highway 1 and Leh-Manali highway. Leh Kushok Bakula Rimpochee airport is there for airline mode of travelling.

Leh Ladakh Tour

The city Leh is best suited for vacation to be enjoyed as a group with friends or family. This place serves best for exploring as well as taking photography. There are enormous places to be visited at Leh. Among those places the most familiar and notable places are listed as follows:

  • Leh palace.
  • Sankar Gompa.
  • Namgyal Tsemo Gompa.
  • War museum.
  • Shanti Stupa.
  • The Victory tower.
  • Zorawar fort.

Leh palace

This palace is also known as “Lachen Palkar”. This palace is 9 storeys high.  The crowns, dresses and the jewellery collection which were used by the people at the palace can be seen. All those items are of high value. 

This palace also consists of a painting named Tibetan Thangka. The age of this painting is about 450 years. The special thing about this painting is that it has many intricate designs and it still retains its colour bright. 

The architecture of this palace attracts the eyes of the viewers. During the time of a festival named Galdan Namchot in Leh, this palace is lit during the night time. Witnessing the appearance of this palace at that time will be an eye-catching scene.

Sankar Gompa

It is also known as the “Sankar monastery”, which belongs to the Buddhists. It has an attractive structured building of modern pattern. The visiting hours of this place are only during early morning and evening. It is so because some monks live there permanently till now. One can see the Tibetan calendar, rules for the monks and mandals being painted at the wall of this monastery. It consists of wooden stairs. One can also visit the library and the guest rooms in this place.

Namgyal Tsemo Gompa

It is also known as “Namgyal Tsemo monastery”,  which belongs to the Buddhists. One can see the golden statue of Maitreya Buddha which is 3 storey high at this monastery. One can also see the fresco paintings and ancient manuscripts at this place.

War museum

This museum is also called the “Hall of Fame”. The time to visit this museum is from 9 a.m to 1 p.m and 1 to 7 p.m. There is an entrance ticket for entering this place which is about 25 INR per head and if one needs to take photos there, they need to pay 50 more INR.

Shanti Stupa

This Stupa belongs to the Buddhists. This place is well suited for tourism not only as a religious spot but also due to the majestic landscape that surrounds this place. The architecture style of this Stupa is different from the other architectures in Ladakh. The visiting time for this place is from 8 a.m to p.m. During night time this place glows out with its light. This place is best suited to witness the sunrise as well as the sunset.

The Victory tower

This tower can be seen next to the Leh palace in the Namgyal hill at its top. 

Zorawar fort

This fort can be reached by two modes of travel that are either by road or by airline. There are 2 highways to reach this fort by road – Leh Manali highway and Leh to Srinagar national highway. 

The roadway travel to this fort is suitable only during the summer season. The airport in Leh is the nearest airport for airway transportation. Airline mode of travel is the only way to reach this fort during the winter season. 

One can view the museum as well as the light show in this fort. This place is also called the “Riasi fort”. One can also see the collection of coins and stamps at this fort. The treasure possessed by the rulers is also kept at this fort. This fort is situated above the palace of Leh.