There Are Fish Fossils in the Himalayas, but How?

There Are Fish Fossils in the Himalayas, but How?

How Did Fish Fossils Close Up in the Lovely Himalayas?

Fish fossils have been observed in the maximum mountains on Earth, the majestic Himalayas. But how did they get there?

The Himalayan Tectonic Plates Principle

A person principle is that the Himalayas are composed of two wide tectonic plates, the Indian Plate and the Eurasian Plate. The two plates collide to variety the Himalayas, and in so accomplishing, they can carry ocean sediments up from the ocean floor. This could be how fish fossils finished up in the mountains.

The Erosion Principle

A further speculation is that the Himalayas were the moment absolutely submerged in the ocean. Around time, the sea mattress shifted and eroded, pushing the fossils up. This means that fish fossils in the Himalayas could be hundreds of tens of millions of many years aged.

The Glaciation Principle

The closing speculation is that the fossils had been carried up to the mountains by glaciers. The glaciers are exceptionally potent and can shift enormous quantities of rock and sediment, like the continues to be of ancient fish.


The respond to to the concern of how fish fossils finished up in the Himalayas continues to be a thriller. Nonetheless, all theories level to a deep antiquity – these fossils could be hundreds of thousands and thousands of years old.

Regardless of what the origin, the discovery of these historical fish fossils is an remarkable reminder of the electric power of the Earth.