The variety of mothers who die thanks to being pregnant or childbirth is &#039unacceptable&#039

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Maternal mortality during pregnancy and childbirth is an increasingly concerning issue around the world. According to a recent report from the World Health Organisation (WHO), over 800 women die every day due to complications from pregnancy or childbirth, and the majority of these deaths are preventable. This unacceptable level of avoidable deaths is a stark reminder that more needs to be done to ensure the safety of all mothers and their babies.

The WHO report revealed that the number of women dying due to pregnancy and childbirth has remained steady since 2000, with roughly 303,000 deaths in 2015 alone. The greatest concentration of maternal deaths is found in Sub-Saharan African and South-East Asian regions, where inadequate access to health care and facilities is to blame.

A number of issues underlie these alarming numbers, including poverty and gender inequality. In many developing countries around the world, discriminatory attitudes and practices mean that women’s health and safety are not prioritised. Poor infrastructure, and a lack of healthcare professionals and resources makes it hard for women to receive the appropriate care during childbirth.

What is key to improving the situation is a focus on ensuring that all women and girls have access to quality healthcare and support, as well as addressing the educational, social and cultural issues that influence how children and young women view their own health and well-being. Investment in education and healthcare facilities in developing countries, and better management and access to vital care are also essential to reducing maternal mortality.

It is essential that government and health officials recognise the seriousness of this problem, and do everything in their power to reduce the number of mothers who are dying due to avoidable complications during pregnancy and childbirth. For the sake of the women and children involved, the global community must work together to ensure that all mothers receive the help, support and care they need. [ad_1]

A traditional birth attendant massages a pregnant woman before assisting in delivering her baby in the Kibera slum of Nairobi, Kenya.

That’s what epidemiologist Jenny Cresswell of the World Health Organization said of demise level info in a new report she authored — “equal to practically 800 fatalities a working day or a dying every 2 minutes.”

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