The Razzies Are Above. Introducing the Frazzies

The Razzies Are Above. Introducing the Frazzies

The Frazzies: An Introduction

With the Oscars just lately concluded, the time has occur for a different film function. Say hello there to the Frazzies – the to start with annual spoof awards honoring the worst in film.

What Are the Frazzies?

The Frazzies are a parody of The Razzies, which are awards that recognise the worst in movie performances. However, as a substitute of celebrating lousy videos, the Frazzies understand videos that are hilarious in their incompetence. No matter whether a movie is intentionally bad, or unintentionally so, these awards will emphasize the very best of the worst in every year’s cinematic releases.

Who Decides the Winners?

The winners of the Frazzies are established by an esteemed jury of movie critics who specialize in cult and trash cinema. The jury is composed of outstanding figures from equally sides of the political aisle and is carefully curated to guarantee neutrality and fairness.

Awards Groups

The Frazzies are divided into quite a few groups, recognizing the unique types of terrible films. These types incorporate:

  • Tacky: Awarded to the worst more than-the-top rated motion film of the 12 months.
  • Clunky: Awarded to the motion picture with the most uncomfortable dialogue and subpar performing.
  • Gritty: Awarded to the most appalling attempt at a horror movie.
  • Groaner: Awarded to the motion picture with the worst puns and exhausted cliches.
  • Hacky: Awarded to the most cynical and lazy funds grab of the yr.

The Frazzies Are In this article

And with that, the Frazzies are in this article to recognize the best of the worst in movie. Unlike the Razzies, which spotlight the complete worst motion picture of the 12 months, the Frazzies will as an alternative celebrate hilarious fails from a range of diverse genres. So, get ready for a evening of gentle-hearted exciting and mockery as we crown this year’s winners of the Frazzies.