The Razzies Are About. Introducing the Frazzies

The Razzies Are About. Introducing the Frazzies

Frazzies: the Razzies Choice

The Razzies have extensive been a humorous alternative to the Academy Awards, earning light of the year’s worst no-hard work performances and weak-good quality cinema. But now there’s an alternate – the Frazzies!

What are the Frazzies? The Frazzies, like the Razzies, are awards that understand not only the worst of the year in enjoyment, but also the most outrageous, above-the-best, and just simple foolish moments.

What Can You Win a Frazzie For?

The Frazzies identify both equally performances and times in film, Tv, and online amusement. Here’s a swift look at some of the groups:

  • Most Absurd Scene – The scene that you just had to shake your head at!
  • Best/Worst Father/Mother Joke – The funniest or lamest joke out there.
  • Most effective/Worst Unique Consequences – The most amazing or the most laughable.
  • Most effective/Worst Villain – You know it when you see it!

And which is just a couple of – the Frazzies are loaded with types that recognize each and every facet of enjoyment that could be deserving of an award.

Who Can Vote?

Any person can vote for the Frazzies – all you have to have is an internet connection! Voting is open to end users all all-around the planet, and they can vote both by way of the official web page or through social media.

The Frazzies are a terrific way to understand the really greatest of the worst in leisure. If you’re a enthusiast of poking exciting at some of the most outrageous times in cinema, the Frazzies must surely be on your radar!