The Perfect Pair: Two Piece Box Solutions

The Perfect Pair: Two Piece Box Solutions

A very important part of packaging includes protecting the product that needs to be placed in the box. Another important role includes making it in an attractive way so that the consumer base for the product can notice it. There are different types of packaging and brands need to choose the most suitable one for what they are selling and what impression they want to give to customers. Two piece boxes are ones that some companies can consider. These boxes have a detachable top lid as well as bottom base tray that is the same shape. The top lid has slightly wider flaps present on all sides which help tightly fit it over the bottom tray. The packaging that one ends up with here is an elegant one that is strong and robust. It is simple to open and close as well.

If you are interested in knowing more about these boxes and how they may be able to help your company, continue reading on:

Strong structure

This packaging is regarded as a high end one that is made to be strong. You can choose to make it in rigid material and so end up with packaging for luxurious items. This box will be very sturdy and have a look that will impress and make it stand out. The ones made with rigid stock have a premium appearance to them therefore high-end products can be placed in these.

You can even choose to make the box from cardboard which is even strong. The boxes are therefore durable. The structure of the box is such that it aims to protect the product in it.


Two piece boxes wholesale are able to be customized in a unique size which will be perfect for the product. It is better to get packaging like this as it is more likely to protect the product that is placed in it.

If you want customers to know that your brand is selling high-end products, the packaging will have to be excellent and so should not be really large and too small as well.

The right size box will give a good impression and let people get an idea of the size of the product that will be placed in the box. Movement of products is limited in boxes such as these.

Help with branding

These boxes are the perfect solution if you want to market your brand as they can be designed to stand out and attract. When people look at the box they will know that something expensive is in it. You should even be able to let people know that your company is selling the product that is placed in the packaging.

You should include your company logo on these boxes in a way that it is prominent and people will be able to easily notice it. The logo should be able to be used to allow your customers to figure out which products are from your particular company.

It is even possible to design these boxes without too many details and by only including your brand logo on them. These are able to attract as minimalism stands out.

Color choices

To allow custom two piece boxes to be able to give the impression that your brand wishes to portray, it is important that you choose the best colors to include on the packaging. For example a company that wants to maintain an image of being sustainable, can keep the original brown color of the box. A brand that sells natural products can opt for this box.

If you want to show people that your brand is involved in selling luxury products that are high-end and expensive ones, you can choose colors that suggest this like black, purple, etc.

Colors are a very important part of packaging because they are able to give the box some character and allow customers to get an impression of the type of product that will be in the box. This is why it is better to check out color psychology before choosing which colors to include on the packaging so that you can add those that will be able to let customers know that your brand is worth buying from.

If you are looking for luxurious packaging that will protect your product and give customers an amazing experience when they are opening the box, two piece cardboard boxes are a good solution here. The packaging is one that can attract due to the way that it is made but you should design it carefully so that it can stand out in front of the competitors. Packaging which is able to do this can market and advertise a business allowing it to reach more and more customers. These boxes can help your business prosper with an increase in sales if they can convince customers to buy the product you are selling.