The Irresistible Must-Have: Unique Features of the Steam Deck Dock

The Irresistible Must-Have: Unique Features of the Steam Deck Dock

The Steam Deck is small yet mighty, packing a punch with its variety of features in a portable and sleek design. Although it is powerful enough to run heavy games such as God of War and Hogwarts Legacy, the user can broaden its functionality with the help of a docking station. While Valve has its own docking station for its portable gaming console, it’s certainly not the option that the users reach for the most. There are many great options available in the third-party products. Check out their features below:

Why Do You Need a Steam Deck Dock? 

With a docking station, you instantly level up the great features of the Valve Steam Deck. You can now connect to a number of peripherals, enjoy your favorite titles on the big screen, and even have a more stable internet connection. The JSAUX Docking Station has a good mix of the best of what a docking station can offer, with alternates available as well for every gaming preference and budget. Syntech’s 6-in-1 Docking Station on the other hand adds genius to the design of the docking station while maintaining strict product quality.

1. PC Gaming on the Big Screen

Among the primary advantages of a Steam Deck dock is the ability to play games on bigger displays. We love the portability and convenience of the Steam Deck handheld, but having the option to toggle between a small and big display simply by docking the handheld is definitely a win-win.

An HDMI 2.0 port is a part of the assortment of ports on the back of the docking stations. Admittedly, this placement is actually generic in almost all the docking stations apart from Syntech’s Docking station.  This is also especially fun when there is a large group of people gaming because thanks to the bigger screen, multiple people can play together. This feature truly elevates the function of the Steam Deck from a personal handheld device to a gaming console.

Even if you are playing by yourself, the detail and quality of the game on a big screen is unparalleled. You can even connect more than one screen, the DisplayPort 1.4 allows multi-monitor usage..

2. Smarter Chip for Smart Devices

Just like the Steam Deck, its docking station supports compatibility with different Type-C devices such as smartphones, tablets, iPads, laptops, and more. This is all thanks to the smart chip built-in USB C. 

This feature ensures that you get to use every type of device out there with your Steam Deck handheld.

3. Uninterrupted Gameplay

The battery on the Steam Deck lasts any time between two and eight hours, depending on several factors such as the brightness, the refresh rate, and the type of game being played. Some games are prone to draining the battery faster than others simply because the graphical requirements drain the battery faster.

The ideal solution to this problem is plugging the Steam Deck on the docking station while you play. Your docking station will allow the power passthrough feature that ultimately leads to a charging Steam Deck.  With a dock, you can play Steam Deck games and not have to worry of battery drain.

While Valve provides a charging brick with their docking station, the same isn’t true for third-party docking stations. However, the Steam Deck comes with its own charger and hence you don’t necessarily need to buy a charger for your docking station to work.

4. Take your Steam Deck into PC mode

Similar to the Nintendo Switch, Valve’s Steam Deck is a gaming computer, only smaller in its dimensions. The user interface is the SteamOS operating system, powered by Arch Linux.

The user can actually convert their Valve Steam Deck to a computer via the desktop mode. The default Plasma 5 desktop variant is easy to navigate and use, much like any Windows or MacOS. Best part? You can connect multiple add-ons such as a keyboard, mouse, and display to the dock. This increased connectivity makes the docking station a true necessity if the user wants to turn their Valve Steam Deck into a PC.  Steam Deck with accessories is a wonder if you make the right selections!

Better still, you can switch to the desktop mode and use the Steam Deck as if it was a computer. The Plasma 5 desktop environment is as easy to use as Windows or MacOS, and with a display, keyboard, and mouse attached to the dock, you’ll soon be able to install all the productivity software you need.

5. USB Controller Flexibility

The USB ports on the docking station are compatible with any USB controller, so you won’t have to limit yourself to a standardized controller. Valve Steam Deck itself has Bluetooth controller support. Now when you consider both the bluetooth support and the USB port access, you realize that the combination is great for playing Steam Deck games in group settings.

6. Expanded USB Storage Options 

The fast USB ports means faster transfer of data from local storage devices. The external hardware devices are so much better for high memory requiring game storage that you won’t need anything else. You can quite easily play games stored in the external drive. 

Be mindful about the fact that as soon as the Steam Deck is removed from the dock, the game data and any other data on the drive connected to the Steam Deck Dock will immediately become unavailable.

8. Great Design and Performance

Although Steam has its official docking station, the design of some third party docks exceed expectations. Made from recyclable material, Syntech Docking Station is remarkable with its sturdiness, durability, and light design. To seal the deal, it comes with two anti-slip thumb grips for better game control and sensitivity for your Deck. The thumb grips are in a striking yellow color that Valve Steam Deck users adore. 

Complete the Steam Deck with a Dock

With such fantastic features in docking stations, this Steam Deck accessory can only ever elevate your gaming experience. Without the use of a docking station, a Steam Deck is still amazing but with a docking station, the functionality of the docking station reaches new heights.

Thankfully, we have so many options in the docking stations for Steam Deck that it has become easier to own one. While Valve’s docking station is an amazing option, Syntech’s 6-in-1 docking station certainly presents as a worthy opponent. Don’t miss out on any third-party Steam Deck accessories, keep an eye out for the latest of them here.