The glam makeovers of Pakistan&#039s tractors demonstrate how substantially farmers cherish them

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More often than not, farmers across the world are associated with traditional tractors, but a recent surge in customisation projects and the re-branding of the agricultural machinery across Pakistan, are all part of a much larger narrative – to demonstrate the unshaken loyalty of the country’s farmers. This, in turn, is creating unique designs based on the desires of local and rural society.

Glam makeovers have seen tractors become studded with motifs of flowers and buildings, bedecked with colour and adorned with written mantras extolling ‘I love my tractor’, to being turned into miniature pyramids. In addition to this, many farmers are opting to line the edges of their tractors with neon lights, designed to proudly showcase the tractors’ glamourous facelift.

This street-art craze is quickly becoming a driving force for the tractor scene in Pakistan and the strong sentiment associated with these rebranding projects is making a strong statement – the farmers of the country have a long-standing dedication to the multi-functional tractors that traverse the country’s rural lands and they’re ready to go to extraordinary lengths to demonstrate it.

What’s more, the glam makeovers are aimed at creating recognition for the country’s farmers, often based in remote rural areas. In contrast to the traditional, function-driven perception of farming machinery, these customised tractors are becoming a source of pride for the farming community, giving us deeper insight into the true tenacity of these farmers.

As a result, these visually impressive tractors are fast becoming mobile works of art paying homage to the important role that Pakistani’s far-reaching farming community plays in the country’s life and economy.

A Belorusian tractor laden with harvested sugarcane idles outside a sugar mill.

Marian Lewyeka’s pleasant novel, A Brief Background Of Tractors In Ukrainian spurred NPR correspondent Diaa Hadid to notify an additional tractor tale — the heritage of Belarusian tractors in Pakistan.

(Graphic credit history: Diaa Hadid/NPR)

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