The cube homes of the Netherlands

The cube homes of the Netherlands

The dice residences of Netherlands

The cuboid-shaped design and style of houses in Rotterdam, Netherlands, is iconic of Rotterdam’s modernist architecture. These ‘Cube Houses’ were being the brainchild of Dutch architect and city planner Piet Blom, who tilted the conventional notion of what a home really should appear like on its head.

Design and style

The cuboid-shaped properties are manufactured at an angle of forty-five degrees and mounted on a hexagonal pylon three stories higher. In Blom’s words, the dice residences resemble “trees in a park” with the pylon acting as the “earth”. The roofs are slopingly angled, allowing highest sunlight to enter the dwelling and also give it an aesthetic appeal. The homes alongside with the pylon symbolize the link between fantasy and reality in a imaginative and exclusive way.


The inside of the Cube properties is a distinctive experience. The interior is divided into 3 concentrations. The floor amount has the living place and kitchen. The 2nd amount comprises of two bedrooms. The major ground comprises of a leisure space or studio. Each individual household has its very own garden. The setting up also delivers other amenities this sort of as saunas and a rooftop pool.


The concept of the Dice Properties has been adopted by other cities during the Netherlands and even in other nations. Blom’s cuboid architecture has been utilized to other day-to-day buildings this kind of as colleges and lender structures.

Cube Homes have confirmed to be an inspiring achievements tale, demonstrating the ability of progressive style and design.


Right here are the top rated benefits of Cube Houses:

  • Inspiration: The unique design of the Dice Residences encourages artistic considering and has inspired other to come up with exceptional architectural layouts.
  • Functional: The inside is organized in an best way that permits it to maximise area efficiency.
  • Aesthetic: The striking dice-form presents the houses an aesthetic charm that can make them stand out from the common houses.
  • Sustainability: The sloping roofs assist the Cube Houses to harness maximum sunlight, which tends to make them strength productive.

The cube houses are an interesting symbol of Rotterdam’s modernist architecture and have received a whole lot of focus for their one of a kind layout and characteristics. They have become an legendary section of Rotterdam’s landscape and have also encouraged other folks to appear up with progressive and eye-catching layouts.