The Best Gluten-Cost-free Snacks at Trader Joe’s

For those with gluten intolerance, shopping for tasty snacks can sometimes seem like a daunting and expensive task. Fortunately for those who suffer from Celiac Disease, as well as anyone else looking for a healthy and delicious alternative, Trader Joe’s offers a wide array of gluten-free snacks at prices that can’t be beat. Here are just a few of the best available at your local Trader Joe’s.

First and foremost, TJ’s carries a variety of flavorful nuts and nut-based snacks. Nothing fills up a snack-time hankering like a handful of colossal pecans, or some toasted, honey-dipped almonds. Trader Joe’s also carries some flavor-packed trail mixes, made with dried fruit and a combination of nuts, such as the Pecan Cranberry Maple Trail Mix or the spectacularly named Hawaiian-Style Grains of Paradise Nut Mix.

For those with a hankering for something sweet, Trader Joe’s stocks a wide range of gluten-free sweets. From their delicious almond butter cups to their dark chocolate covered almonds, there’s something for every sweet tooth out there. Or try the chewy coconut macaroons, made with coconut, egg whites and a unique combination of spices.

TJ’s doesn’t leave out the savory snackers either, stocking a wide selection of crispy crackers, chips and pretzels perfect for chowing down on with a sandwich or your favorite dip. In addition to the classic rice cakes and crunchy potato chips, TJ’s carries some interesting alternatives, such as its Cassava Strips, made with both cassava and coconut flours.

Trader Joe’s also makes it easy to stock up on snacks to take with you on the go, with the ancient grain-based grab-able bars and the delicious colossus cashews, both of which come individually wrapped.

So, for those who looking for a gluten-free snack, make sure to stop by Trader Joe’s next time you’re at the grocery store. With their wide selection of both sweet and savory treats, you’ll be sure to find a delicious snack that works for you. [ad_1]

One factor about me, I like to graze. From salty to sweet, I’m listed here for it all. There’s one slight hiccup in my strategy for worldwide snack takeover: I have an autoimmune ailment termed neuromyelitis optica, which is incredibly comparable to MS, that mainly influences the optic nerves and spinal cord. Since of it, I’ve come to be an skilled on the greatest gluten-free treats at Trader Joe’s.

With neuromyelitis optica, swelling of any form can direct to a relapse, and so just one way that I mediate it is by having as gluten-free as achievable. In the starting that was that difficult for someone who considers themselves actively pro-gluten. But TJ’s came to the rescue, as normally. Listed here are some of the finest gluten-no cost treats at Trader Joe’s in my humble opinion.

Let us start with the sweets

I’m a cookie junkie, particularly chocolate chip cookies. For the people today who like slender, crispy versions, the Gluten Absolutely free Crispy Crunchy Chocolate Chip Cookies are my go-to. They also have a ginger cookie edition that’s gluten-free, flippantly chewy and has a light heat to it since of the ginger candy it’s very mouth watering.

Some TJ’s also have Partake cookies, which are a thicker, fewer crunchy chocolate chip cookie. Equally scrumptious, and all Partake cookies are extremely accessible to the the greater part of people today with food allergies—the brand name doesn’t use wheat, peanuts, eggs, soy, shellfish, tree nuts, sesame, or fish in any of its merchandise, and it is Black-owned, which is a triple gain in my e book.

For ice product, I suggest the mochis! Personally, I’m a tea ice cream girlie so the truth that I can get green tea mochis and thai tea mini mochis in one particular place is a gift.

Next up, salty

Trader Joe’s Movie Theater Popcorn is my kryptonite. The certain popcorn is great for the people today who like the common, motion picture theater-degrees of salt, but with out the butter pooling at the bottom of the container. Though all popcorns, on their personal, are gluten absolutely free, some of the flavors that are extra could contain gluten.

In standard, potato chips are meant to be gluten-totally free nevertheless, relying on the factories that they’re built in and/or what they’re flavored with, the salty bite could have a surprise strike of gluten. Luckily for us, Trader Joe’s has numerous solutions that are 100-p.c gluten-cost-free and scrumptious. My private favourite? The Hawaiian type Hickory barbeque chips. A minor sweet, a little savory, a tiny salty, ugh, they are the perfect binge-Television set snack. Look for the reddish bag and thank me later on.

Chips and salsa are an straightforward and interactive snack that generally is gluten free. Most tortilla chips are designed from corn, which is gluten-free, but it is still worth checking mainly because some corporations mix their corn flour with wheat flour. There are numerous corn tortilla options at TJ’s that can be paired with salsa. My go-to are the Organic Yellow Corn Tortilla Chip Rounds and their Salsa Autentica. That salsa is my ideal delicate.

Finally, let us go by means of some sour candies

I really like a great sour pucker. For my fellow tart treat lovers, listed here are my suggestions for candies. Initially is the Sour Scandinavian Swimmers. There’s a frequent variation, but I bypass that one each and every time and go straight for my citric faves. The other bitter sweet that I get in bulk are the Trader Joe’s Sour Jelly Beans. I ordinarily obtain one bag of each individual when I go grocery browsing.

Individually, I love Trader Joe’s gluten-totally free snacks simply because they’re delicious, effortless to uncover, and fairly priced. Additionally, with this kind of a huge wide variety of flavors and textures, they make it simple to find a little something to fulfill any craving.

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