The Best attractions of Cuba

Cuba is the largest island of Caribbean. The place is rich with history, culture, and even the mystique. The vintage cars, the old buildings are an awe and it is worth visiting the place. Cuba is of natural beauty and the 5000 kilometers coastline , the coral reefs, the glimmer of the water all are worth having a glimpse. The place has a lush countryside and the islands of the place are just amazing and one should surely have a look at it. Not just is it rich in history but also in beauty. So, you can dive, do fishing and also explore the diversity of the Caribbean islands. book a Delta Flights and visit Cuba.

Old Havana

The place is an old heritage site and here among the cobbled streets and the grand Baroque you’ll be able to know about the place a lot. The renovations of the place are extensive and there are various major attractions to the place that include Plaza De Cathedral, Cuban Cathedral, Hemingway hangout and a lot more. Also in this place you’ll find notable gathering spots which have glass-stained windows and the fantastic views for you to glance.


This is one of the famous destinations that the tourists love to explore. The place stretches along the Peninsula De Hicasos. The drawbridge helps you to connect to the mainland. There are so many subterranean adventures that you should surely explore. There are around 50 beach resorts here and the magnificent white sand beaches makes it just amazing and your tour automatically becomes amazing. If you are willing to have more of subterranean adventures, then for that you can have a sun blasted beach. Take a dip in the crystal-clear cenote and jump to the surroundings.


The town of Trinidad is also regarded to be the world heritage site. The beautiful buildings are the city Centre. The architectural dates of the place range back to the 17th and the 19th century. The Trinidad is prospered from the slave and sugar trades. The place is also regarded to be one of the best cities to visit in Cuba. You can soak into the warm and lively ambience of te place. The square stands for the neoclassical theories and the place just have its own vibe that you cannot miss at all.

Playa Paraiso

The place is known for the beautiful beaches it has. The island is one of the best in Cuba. The sublime strand of the white sand and the skirts offer the ravishing views of the place. The island is a sun seekers destination and since the climate is dry. Sunny and even warm therefore a lot of tourists wish to come here.

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