Tech War: Biden moves to halt US exports to Huawei, experiences say – BBC

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The tech war between China and the United States looms even larger with President Joe Biden deciding to continue former President Donald Trump’s policy of halting US exports to Huawei. According to sources who wished to remain anonymous and have been briefed on the situation, Biden’s move comes as part of his administration’s new China policy.

The move means Huawei—the world’s largest telecoms equipment maker and a key player in 5G technology—will not benefit from the US-made chips and other advanced technology that is needed to make its products. The source said that although the Biden administration had not yet made a public announcement, the president’s decision was already taken and he had elected to remain consistent with the Trump policy.

Huawei had been widely expected to benefit from US-made chips and other products under Washington regulations that came into effect in May 2019. The restriction followed our former president’s blacklisting of Huawei due to the company’s alleged involvement in human rights abuses and espionage.

This move is seen as a major blow to Huawei’s ambition of becoming a world leader in 5G technology, especially as the Chinese company needs to obtain chips and components from the US in order to make its products. In response to the Biden administration’s new policy, Huawei has acknolwedged the ruling and said it is disappointed but understood the restrictions.

The Trump Administration’s decision to ban US exports to Huawei has been widely seen as a sign of intensifying tension between the two countries and a further indication of Washington’s mistrust of China. It remains to be seen how the Biden Administration will deal with the continuing tech war with China in the future.

Tech War: Biden moves to halt US exports to Huawei, stories say  BBC

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