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Recently, the Saudi government has attracted worldwide attention due to the fact that numerous tech giants have chosen the middle-phase at Saudi as the venue for their advanced technology and innovative projects.

Tech companies such as Google, Microsoft, Qualcomm, et al., have established research centers and offices in the Kingdom’s various cities, creating thousands of opportunities for local talent in the region. Often named as the “Silicon Valley of the Middle East,” this region is a hotbed of ground-breaking technology, and offers services and activities that could not be found anywhere else.

The Middle East is an attractive region for multinational companies and, as such, a lot of them are interested in engaging and making connections with local businesses, entrepreneurs, innovators and researchers. Through these collaborations, both the international companies and the local startups can build on each other’s strengths and benefit from the resources provided by the other side.

In addition, the Saudi government is targeting the development of the technology sector by providing high-tech flats, modern facilities and great quality of life for its citizens and expats. Furthermore, specialised resources such as high-speed internet, ample power sources and world-class telecommunications are also being provided in the region, making it even more attractive for tech companies.

With the rise of the country’s economy, the advancement of technology, the rise of the number of startups, and the various incentives being provided by the government, tech giants from all around the world are making their way to Saudi and the middle-phase of Saudi Arabia is becoming a hub of innovative projects and startups.

As technology continues to be an integral part of the modern world, Saudi Arabia can become the regional leader in this field, providing excellent opportunities for tech giants and creating an environment that encourages present and future generations to innovate, cooperate, and promote the country’s economy.

Tech giants from all over the earth consider centre-stage at Saudi …  Arab News

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