Taylor Swift’s Songs Films From &quotOur Tune&quot to &quotLavender Haze&quot: A Race to the Bottom

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Taylor Swift’s Songs Films From &quotOur Tune&quot to &quotLavender Haze&quot: A Race to the Bottom

Taylor Swift’s New music Films From “Our Song” To “Lavender Haze”: A Race To The Base

From Outsider To The Mainstream

Taylor Swift started out her new music career as an outsider, singing rootsy country new music though other youthful pop stars of the early 2000s have been singing teeny-bop bubblegum pop. As she rose to fame, having said that, she begun to change her gaze in direction of the mainstream and go away her state roots at the rear of. This newfound mainstream status led to a series of tunes movies for her hit singles that were generally speedily throwaway, with out any authentic considered or creativity powering them.

The Early Several years

Swift’s early tunes films, these kinds of as “Our Song” and “Teardrops on My Guitar”, are relatively regular of country songs movies in the early 2000s: they concentrate principally on general performance footage and uncomplicated visual ideas, these kinds of as Swift singing in a tree-lined park or on a sun-dappled porch. They are primarily standard but effective and deal with to capture the essence of the tracks in a way that is even now satisfying to view.

The Diminishing Excellent

As Swift’s profession progressed, on the other hand, her tunes videos for her mainstream pop hits began to suffer from diminishing returns. Movies these types of as “Lavender Haze” and “You Belong With Me”, even though nonetheless common, lacked the attraction and nuance of her earlier do the job. They relied seriously on clichéd visual tropes, these kinds of as the white picket fence and vacant college hallways, although the lyrics and themes of the tracks had been frequently decreased to very simple platitudes and sugar-coated sentiments.

The Race To The Bottom

In the wake of these more and more superficial audio films, Swift’s vocation has continued to race to the base. Her a lot more latest movies, these as “Love Story” and “Shake It Off”, have been mediocre at very best and downright pandering at worst. They are typically extremely simplistic and focus principally on visible spectacle somewhat than precise content.


Taylor Swift’s songs films have long gone from exhibiting a youthful singer-songwriter establishing her existence in the songs market to a mainstream pop star desperately grabbing for notice. The when sweet and heartfelt tunes films have now come to be a race to the bottom, relying on inexpensive visual results and clichés to mask their deficiency of substance.