Tata CVs: Reliable Urban & Rural Transportation For Business.

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Tata Motors stands as a prominent manufacturer in the trucking industry. It has brought a series of models in pickups and mini trucks, ideal for heavy cargo transportation. This helps several businesses and entrepreneurs excel in meeting consumer needs in urban and rural regions. 

Considering this, here are two models from Tata Motors, but with different body types Tata Intra and Ace Mini trucks. There’s more about these models in the blog; keep reading. 

Tata Intra V50 Pickup

  • Power: 80 HP
  • GVW: 2960 kg
  • Wheelbase: 2600 MM
  • Engine Capacity:4-cylinder,1496 cm3 DI
  • Fuel Tank: 35 Ltr.
  • Payload Capacity: 1500 KG

The Tata Intra V50 Pickup is a sturdy and tough-built model. It has a 3-tonnage capacity to meet consumer demand, ensuring intercity last-mile delivery. In addition, this model caters for transportation in urban, semi-urban, and rural regions. 

Besides, Tata pickup has a premium look and loading capacity for carrying groceries, food grains, water refills, and LPG cylinders. The Tata Intra model comes within a price range of Rs. 8.90 – 9.40 Lakh.

Tata Ace Gold Mini Truck

  • Power: 30 HP Output
  • GVW: 1615 kg
  • Wheelbase: 2100 MM
  • Engine Capacity: Tata 275 Gasoline MPFI, 4-stroke water-cooled
  • Fuel Tank: 26 Ltr.
  • Payload Capacity: 750 KG

The Tata Ace Gold Mini Truck comes under the small commercial vehicle segment. Also, this Tata Ace mini truck is an ideal model for entry-level businesses in the transportation industry. Moreover, the model delivers unmatched performance from a highly reliable engine that prevents overheating. Additionally, this mini truck improves business performance by reducing operating costs and accelerating profit margin. The Tata Ace model price starts from Rs. 5.01 – 5.51 Lakh. Further, it displays effectiveness and great performance for a better driving experience. 

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