suzuki 110 price in pakistan, determining factors, specifications and features

suzuki 110 price in pakistan, determining factors, specifications and features

Suzuki 110 motorcycles are both fashionable and pleasant to ride. With the addition of headlights, taillights, a sleek design, and a body form, it sacrifices style and impression for mileage while also providing the finest roadside attraction to make you the standout rider among other drivers. If you are planning to buy one, this write-up will help you know suzuki 110 price in pakistan, determining factors, specs and features. 


suzuki 110 price in pakistan

There are different variants of suzuki 110 available. They are- 


1.Suzuki GS 110

The Suzuki GS 110 is a vintage model of the Suzuki 110 that harkens back to renowned bikes from the past. It mixes a vintage appearance with contemporary elements like an electronic start and a dependable engine. Riders that love a casual riding style and appreciate the retro look favor the Suzuki GS 110. Depending on the version and extra amenities, the Suzuki GS 110 may cost as little as PKR 110,000 or as much as PKR 130,000 in Pakistan.


2.Suzuki Sprinter ECO

Created to offer a practical riding experience, the Suzuki Sprinter ECO is a fuel-efficient variation of the Suzuki 110. It has a sleek appearance, an electronic start, and a strong 110cc engine. Depending on the version and area, this version of suzuki 110 price in pakistan ranges between PKR 90,000 and PKR 100,000 in Pakistan.


3.Suzuki GD 110

The Suzuki GD 110 is a dependable and durable variant of the Suzuki 110 that can be used for both long-distance journeys and commuting in cities. It features a cozy seating position, economical fuel usage, and a tough construction. Depending on the version and area, the Suzuki GD 110 may be purchased in a variety of colors for a price ranging from roughly PKR 120,000 to PKR 140,000.


4.Suzuki Raider

The Suzuki Raider is a sportier, more aggressive-looking variant of the Suzuki 110 with improved performance. It is well-liked by youthful riders who favor an exciting riding experience. A 110cc engine, electronic start, alloy wheels, and a sporty exhaust are included with the Suzuki Raider. Depending on the version and extra amenities, the Suzuki Raider may cost as little as PKR 120,000 or as much as PKR 140,000 in Pakistan.


Because of the high suzuki 110 price in pakistan, it is not very well known in Pakistan. Simply because Pak Suzuki is importing this bike from another nation, it is pricey. This bike is really gorgeous in terms of both design and quality. In terms of quality, GD 110s are unmatched; in fact, they outperform Honda and Yamaha motorcycles.   


Determining factors


1.Engine Capacity

The Suzuki 110’s engine capacity is one of the key variables that affects the pricing. The engine sizes of several Suzuki 110 variations may be somewhat different, such as 107cc or 113cc. Larger engines on motorcycles often cost more since they produce more power and have a higher potential for performance.


2.Local Taxes and tariffs

The government-imposed taxes and import tariffs have an effect on the suzuki 110 price in pakistan. Customs fees, sales tax, and excise fees are a few examples of these taxes. The ultimate retail price of the bikes can be greatly impacted by changes in these taxes’ rates over time.


3.Design and Features

The motorcycle’s design and features have a big impact on its pricing. The 110 is available from Suzuki in a number of variations, each with its own special features and design cues. A greater price tag compared to more affordable versions can be attributed to sporty designs, high-end finishes, and sophisticated amenities.


4.Production Costs

The price of making the motorbikes, including the cost of the raw materials, labor, R&D, and other production costs, goes into the final cost. The cost of manufacturing and, consequently, the retail price of the motorbikes can be affected by variables including inflation, currency exchange rates, and resource availability.


5.Brand Value

The pricing of Suzuki motorbikes is significantly influenced by the company’s standing as an automaker and the value of its brand. Suzuki is well-known for making dependable and long-lasting bikes, and it has a sizable market share in Pakistan. The motorcycle’s overall cost is increased by the brand value.

6.Location and Distribution

The suzuki 110 price in pakistan is also influenced by the dealership’s location and its distribution system. Dealerships in inaccessible locations may incur greater shipping and logistics expenses, which may be passed on to customers as a minor increase in the retail price.


Specifications of suzuki 110

The Suzuki 110 bikes havehas many specifications, including a single-cylinder, air-cooled, 4-stroke, and SOHC engine with a 113 cc displacement. This bike, the GD 110S, has a bore and stroke ratio of 51.0 x 55.2 and a compression ratio of 9.5:1. This bike’s gasoline tank has a 9.0 liter capacity.


The Suzuki 110’s total measurements are 1,900 x 750 x 1,050 mm, and its wheelbase is 1,215 mm. The dry weight of this motorcycle is 108 kg, and it has a ground clearance of 140 mm. A 4-speed mesh transmission system is used with the motorcycle to ensure a smooth ride. The GD 110S’s front tire is 2.5 mm wide.


Features of suzuki 110

The Suzuki GD 110S comes with a variety of features which is one of the main reasons for the very high suzuki 110 price in pakistan. Those include an electric and kick starter starting system and a capacitor discharge ignition CDI. This motorcycle has drum brakes in the front and back. The front suspension of this motorcycle consists of a telescopic coil spring and oil-damped spring, while the rear suspension is made up of a swing arm, coil spring, and oil-damped spring.


The bike’s rear suspension may be changed in five different ways for a comfortable and smooth ride. The GD 110S is stabilised by the alloy wheels, and the digital speedometer can enhance the bike’s aesthetic appeal.